January 03, 2005

Home at last!


Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Got back this morning and I'm now totally unpacked, although I did manage to break the bulb in my lava lamp =(

But, YAY! I'm home =)

Photos are here


January 02, 2005


Well, I'm going up to my grandparents tomorrow so I can get to uni bright and early monday morning (early… yay… =( ), and I still have half my stuff to pack in the morning
And that is the state of my room...
I can't bloody get to sleep at the moment though, I've been feeling pretty down of late, and that's not helping me sleep…
Anyway, enough of this, I'm gonna lie in the dark in bed for a bit…


December 26, 2004

Christmas, part 1

Well, its the evening of boxing day, my grandparents have now gone home, and I've had a pretty good christmas :)

I met ebony for the first time, who, although I hate dogs, I have to admit is pretty cute… Christmas dinner was good (although not as plentiful as uni fake christmas =) lol), got a digital camera, so expect to see more photos on here soon :)

Anyway, we've just seen Lemony Snickett's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, which was pretty good, but a bit of a dissapointment after all the build up for it that I've heard. Anyway, photos are here and I'll bring you more up to date in a few days.

Lol, I'm actually blogging, this is so random :)


December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas from John Lewis!

Yeah… right, ok… Well, today I am in the call centre again, but I got dressed up for it – wearing christmas decorations =D Not sure how management are taking it, but screw em, its my last day =) The pic of me is in this gallery

We have to set up the store for clearance later on, which will be fun fun fun…

But, yay! Christmas tomorrow, getting a dig cam, so expect to see more photos soon =D

I'm kind of getting into this blogging malarkey…


December 23, 2004

John Lewis, work and stuff…

Well, I am currently sat at my desk in all the beauty of the John Lewis call centre with… absolutely no calls. Help me… I'm so bored… Aargh!

It's almost christmas now, and I finally managed to finish my shopping yesterday :) yay! We've got my gran and grandad coming up on Saturday with their new puppy Ebony who is "sooo cute" and stuff… yeah… okay. We're going to have a bloody dog in the house for 2 days, it's going to stink… =(

Oooh! ooh! ooh! I've just had a phone call, someone wanted some kitchen worktops… God, my life is dull…

Anyway, I'm still in work tomorrow (xmas eve!) which sucks a lot. What sucks more is that I am working on New Year's Day as well… NEW YEAR'S DAY?! I ASK YOU!

Anyway, this is probably going to be the one and only proper blog I make, so make the most of it


December 15, 2004

Dublin 2004 Photos are up!

Hey, have a look at my Dublin 2004 photos , just gone up – yay…

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