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Reading for the hols, Leam for the term

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Well, I’m a first year, studying maths, and live in JM3K2 – I know, I know, Jack Martin, full of quiet geeks… Well, JM3 Kitchens 1 and 2 are pretty damned eXtreme if you ask me, not a quiet geek amongst us =D
Meh, anyway, I play guitar, bass and some drums now – yay! Erm, also I play ultimate and am involved in RAG now, which (trust me on this) is FUCKING AWESOME.
Erm, yep, I live in Reading, which is a bit of a shit hole, but, on the other hand, the Festival is pretty awesome…
Yepyep, that’s about it… erm… enjoy!

Right, I wrote this in my MSN profile, then it told me off for writing too much, so I’m copying it here:
favourite things:

Umm, Dave Grohl =)

Yeah, sorry, umm, music wise I guess I’m fairly open, some examples, Foo Fighters, Green Day, System Of A Down, Pink Floyd, Mars Volta, Alabama 3, Beastie Boys, Buck 65, The Offspring, The Killers, Dire Straits, The Who, QOTSA, Blur, Gorillaz, you can even throw some Killswitch Engage or Drowning Pool at me in the right circumstances =)
Other things which are of my favourite variety include my guitars, my sister’s bass, bashing the drumkit at uni, the Reading Festival, Purple (snakebite+black from Warwick Uni, can’t be beaten), Warwick RAG, Hitchhiking to random places with RAG, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (everything but the movie), Kayaking, White-water anythinging, Windsurfing, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee (woo!), ARGs (don’t ask…), The Game (which I just sodding lost thanks to that, bumflaps.), Monday nights at the Fez in Reading, DJing for Offbeat at uni (and getting glared at for not playing much/any indie :D ), i suppose I should say maths here as well, writing horrendously eloquent text messages when i’m horrendously drunk, telling people anything about myself when i’m horrendously drunk, eBay, Strongbow, Carlsberg Export, Southern Comfort, MTV2 (especially when they played 3 Mars Volta tracks in a row), Burnout 3, Timesplitters 3, my PSP (so gorgeous… mini movies :D ), I guess what with the new Harry Potter book coming through tomorrow, I should add that to this list, the Simpsons, Scrubs, Hustle, weed (only when I went to Amsterdam, of course :P ), the Purple Turtle, going to After Dark with Lizzy et al, using the phrase “et al” because it sounds impressive, being horrendously pretentious at times, not doing any work at uni this year and still coming away with a 2:2 and no retakes…

I’m kind of running low now, I’ll add to this later…