October 21, 2004

British Under 23's 2004

_Halifax – 16th October 2004 _

This was my first big comp since my injury. The plan was to get PB's in teh snatch (62) and total (142). Weighed in light still at 61.0kg, this is still too light, I need to put on more body mass!

Warm up wasnt too good, missed 50 snatch due to coldness but that is no excuse. The weights were feeling heavy.

1st snatch 57kg, a bit soft on the platform (which was really bad) but controled the lift in the squat. Went for 60 next but there was no aggression, very soft. Pull was good but just soft and couldnt control the bar, lost it behind me. I was well pissed off, got a telling off from my coatch and decided to play safe and do 60 again. This one was still soft but I was able to control it this time.

There was a bit of a big gap before the clean & jerk started. 1st lift 75kg. Not a bad clean and jerk although it did feel heavy. 77.5, hard clean, not 1st time but easy once past the sticking point. 80kg needed to be more aggressive, 3 quarters of the clean, should have have more fight.

Results: 60 snatch

77.5 C&j 137.5 total 2nd place

Dissapointing comp, could have won today. need to sort out my attitude when on the platform, must get my confidence back. NEED TO DO PB's IN NEXT COMP!!!

Get back in the gym and sort it out!

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