October 01, 2012

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Things that I can do to positively influence behaviour for learning in schools.

I believe that there are many factors which can affect the learning environment you create in a classroom. How you present yourself to pupils will create an impression for what type of person they believe you to be, and will affect their respect for you as a teacher. My clothes, for example, will have to allow for movement in a drama lesson, but also look professional and ‘adult’ to my pupils; they must also be appropriate for the English lessons which I will be teaching. We will need to be aware of the space that we are working in, on how the tables are set up; if we need better lighting for our work etc to facilitate our learning as best as possible.

I will need to use appropriate language in my classroom, not using any personal ‘slang’ that the pupils may not understand, nor using any offensive or colloquial terms that would not be appropriate for the classroom; but using language that will challenge them and expand their learning; not patronising them or making them feel unsafe or ridiculed in the classroom. I will also need to be aware of my tone and register of my voice, trying to control my voice to stress important pieces of information, to discipline when necessary and to engage my class. I will also try to control my volume in the classroom, as I am aware I have a loud voice, and would not want to appear intimidating to more reserved pupils.

There is also the factor of non-verbal communication; where I will be trying to adopt appropriate gestures and body language so to engage my students, and to not always need to rely on telling students off when a good bit of eye contact and acknowledgement could stop the inappropriate behaviour. But to also be aware of students who cannot read body language succinctly and how I will have to use different forms of communication with different needs.

Our relationships with other staff will be an example to the students, to be professional, collaborative and respectful. To try and help and learn from each other, being respectful of each other’s views and trying to have a broader understanding of our world.

All the above will impact our relationships with our students, we cannot demand respect from them, but we can earn it. We can put them in a safe environment where they feel comfortable to learn, to ask questions and trust that we are there to help them. We are not there to be their friends, and we must reinforce the rules of discipline and attendance so that they can achieve the most out of their school years and achieve to the best of their ability.


Rights and Responsibilities.

· Teachers have the right to:

· A safe classroom environment.

· Be treated with respect by both Students and Staff

· Teach without obstruction and be listened to

· Teachers have the responsibility to:

· Create a safe stimulating learning environment for ALL students.

· Treat pupils as equal in value and acknowledging that they have different needs.

· Facilitate different aspects of learning; cognitive, affective, social and intellectual.

· Pupils have the right to:

· A safe classroom environment.

· Be treated with respect by their peers and by staff.

· To be listened to.

· Have their needs met emotional, physical, mental and intellectual

· Being treated as valuable and as an individual.

· Pupils have the responsibility to:

· Respect others.

· Co-operate with the teacher and peers and work as a functional member of the class.

· Do their best to achieve their potential

· To be an active learner in the classroom.

There are many overlaps in the Pupil vs.Teacher needs and responsibilities lists. This has shown me that we are creating little societies in our classroom’ and that we must remember that although we are the leaders, we must all be considered equal in that we all need to feel safe and respected in our environment.

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