March 02, 2011

When can I finally start?

Working now the 3rd day with passion on Leadership, makes me just thinking when can I go out there and finally kick off. I am overwhelmed by what I am learning. Really this course of study is the best thing I have ever done. I am working and I am so enjoying what I am doing. I am hungry of more knowledge. That is unbelievable  the thing is that it points more and more out that all this literature is nice to read and helps a lot but actually leadership depends on the person it self. It is important to practice it and find the own way and own style or theory then finally can be written down in a book as well. My head is full of great ideas, but wait… Yes what I found out is that the vision is the most important thing while being a leader. For me that measn as well that it is important for myself to have a vision. Something I can aim for. Just having ideas might not be the best way, there must be a goal which can be achieved by these ideas. What is my purpose of life how can I contribute to this world. In which way can I live my life to be fulfilled happy with what I am doing?! So again it is about leading yourself an why should you do it different from leading others? So I am really working on my own vision and try to figure out what I really want to do.

Has anyone of you figured that out? What is your goal where do you want to be on 30 years. Being the new Steve Jobs, the new Deming or the new pope?! ;) Are you satisfied with being a middle manager doing a fantastic job, can that be a real aim or should the goal be higher?

I am still sitting on the leadership theories and think that I have figured out which one I am going to introduce. But still it is a lot confusion about what really is a leadership theory and how do they really differ? what about a theory including all other theories? With regard to my future career I have learned that it is important to be flexible and adaptable adn never stand still. Be innovative and go on with the time.

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  1. Visions my friend yes have a vision. Where you want to be after ten twenty or 100 years? I have shared my vision with you and i am willing to fight and support it. . . . . . It is all about that.
    However i think we must be careful. The persona vision shouldn’t be a selfish one. Always should make a contribution to the world. For improving people’s life. Making a bilion of money andbecome a powerful man is not the best vision in my case. You will lost a lot. In order to become a really high manager in a cooperation you may have to compromise are you ready for it? On the contrary there is the difficult way to do it, but it takes time and needs effort. Also in the difficult way you may not ever achieve it. What do you do in that case? Will you fight others for the promotion? We have seen that the the appraisal system is not fair (Deming). So some people are luck and some not.

    All that are tough questions and may will determine our whole life. . . . .

    03 Mar 2011, 09:19

  2. Hi, Jan. I support your points. Leadership is different according to different people. I am happy you are finding your own way, own style or own theory. Come on !!! wonderful . About purpose of life, oh, I do not want to mention this topic. But I hope you can try to fingure out it. Haha… I did not fingure out it. As you mentioned a leadership theory whether it can included all theories, I think let different people find different leadership, this is a real leadership theory.

    03 Mar 2011, 15:29

  3. Hi, vegalis. I appreciate your vision to change something in the world. And make a contribution to a world.Could you share your support with me ? What support you to do that ? Why do you want to do that ? Why it is necessary for you to do that ? Just as Deming said the system is not fair, but the system is not fair all the time. I can understand you want to change something in it. But what is the inner support ? why? Perhaps it is the God’s conspiracy. Why does not God to make the world fair ? Oh, sorry I asked too many questions. If you share with me , I would be very happy. Nice work.

    03 Mar 2011, 15:43

  4. such a lot of questions. . . My vision is really to do this world more fair. I strongly believe that we came in that world in order to offer to the common good. To achieve the common purpose if you wish. My guidance is knowledge. There is nothing like knowledge. And i think that philosophers have given the necessary knowledge. Also Deming transformed that into management practice. SoPK is the philosophy that includes theories that i have read in ancient Greek philososphers, and it translates them into management philososphy tools methods theories everything. If you think in terms of SoPK you see things differently. I am striving with that and i am trying to understand it since i came here and introduced to that man. . . . . . . I do not know, my vision is to affect as many people as i can and make them think SoPK. I will implement it in my life definately. I do not know if i can ever improve that philosophy. The reason why is that despite the fact i do not believe in perfect things and i am friend of Kaizen, SoPK seems to be perfect because it is based in continuous improvement. See Thery of knowledge. Its links between its four elements make you think all the time and improve what you think and what you do. . . SoPK has no end this is why it is perfect.. . . .

    As far as God is concerned i really do not care what he or she or it does. I do not believe in that superior powers. Every individual is a God we do not anything superior than us . . . .

    I hope you can share your vision as well with us. .. .. .Or your thoughts…...................

    03 Mar 2011, 15:56

  5. Hi, my friend Vagelis. Thank you so much for comment. I was not shocked by your sharing vedio in your blogs, but I was shocked by your comment. I smelt a persistent and never compromise soul. That is why I was shocked. You can do it well, my friend. I support you. Yes, I agree with you philosophers can make a great contribution to the world,like Deming. Common purpose ? ......

    03 Mar 2011, 16:39

  6. Thank you very much for your words. . . See you on Monday with the project team. . . .

    03 Mar 2011, 16:42

  7. Haha….oh, my project….I am working for my leadership PMA. haha…
    I appreciate your puopose , vagelis. You are wonderful, I believe you you can do it well.
    Haha.. see you on Monday.

    03 Mar 2011, 17:11

  8. Good point Ian. Was just thinking that even though I dont have a vision for what I wanna be 30 years from now but I do have a vision for how I wanna live each day of my life, for example simple things like ’ I am gonna be a happier person today’, or ‘I’d like to face each day with a smile’, etc. Even such small visions can have such an impact on us.
    And also, Leadership can kick in at any time :) It doesn’t necessarily have to do be in a organisation. It can be as simple as ‘I wanna be the leader of my own life, I wanna lead my life the way I have always dreamt of ’...and trust me as easy as it sounds, its very difficult. Ofte, people think of being great leaders of big organisations when they dont even have their own life in place..just some food for thought…

    08 Mar 2011, 23:57

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