April 06, 2011

What is this mess actually about??

Quite a long time that Knowledge Based Asset Management started, but writing 3 blogs at the same time is a bit too much, so that I just start with that after finishing Leadership.

What can I say Knowledge Based Asset Management still a mess. Even working for several hours on it so far does not draw a clear picture of this module. What is it about?? Ok I have an idea about what knowledge management means and what asset management is meaning. Where is the sense giving us such a huge task? Is the main purpose to become an expert in asset and knowledge management? So far I think that is not the reason at least with regard to the presentation on Friday. It is more like Paul said: This is a real life task just put into 2 weeks. And what I have experienced so far is that in this module it really is like Paul said everything comes together. CBE is integrated with the EFQM model, Six Sigma and DFSS can be used to support several asset management aspects and also Leadership is playing a significant role, due to the complexity of the task, whereat the knowledge gained through the Financial Analysis module can help to consider the financial aspects. The thing is that every part is just giant, no matter if we talk about environmental management or Knowledge Management so that it is impossible to become expert in 2 weeks. But the complexity is what is the challenge here. In addition I heard people saying, that hey are missing lectures, a bit more guidance and the sense behind the task. But that is exactly the point, we are going to be prepared for our future. There are no lectures, there is no one telling you what needs to be done you are standing in front of a massive mountain of information and options and now you have to come up with something what helps the company to become more efficient. No matter how. This module gives the broad picture of all the possibilities you actually have within a company where improvement can be made. So maybe it is that we are starting to set up our own knowledge management or even expand it. We are gathering data and information and transform that into knowledge. This module takes us one step further while trying to align the knowledge we have so far and bring it all together, while adding knowledge.

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