April 09, 2011

The holistic view of Asset management

It is about knowledge and the knowledge we can take out of the module, it is not just about the theory of KM or AM. One thing I noticed is that the gathering of knowledge is limited. Sure it should be focused on a broad view. However is it maybe sometimes better to focus on a specific area and do not try to just put everything into for example a portfolio? I just saw it in the presentation of other groups that they did not consider everything. But nonetheless one group left out the life-cycle management, which in my eyes is not the best way to manage assets. Costs still play a significant role in the business so it must be planned as exact as possible. And Life cycle cost play a significant role in doing so. But thinking more about it I am not sure which one of the aspects could have been left out. Especially with regard to the EFQM model this is not possible and also without EFQM every aspect has its right to exist. In addition most of these aspects go hand in hand. One group recommended the building of new environmentally friendly factories. Apart from initial costs also the life cycle costs should be considered and in addition it should be thought about the maintenance of these buildings. But that is not the end. Does these buildings meet the health and safety criteria and what about the facility management and its risk analysis? So it might be smarter to consider everything even if it is a bit more work. The holistic view and its interpretation at the end makes the difference in my eyes and decides about being excellence or not.

Getting more and more into all this KBAM pointed something out for me. Like all the other modules of Paul at the end it goes in the direction of EFQM. First module was about the linking of Partnership to EFQM. Also Leadership in the end resulted in the EFQM model and I am sure or I know respectively that Six Sigma, DFSS and RDM could easily be linked to the Model maybe an idea for an improvement to add a quick section in the PMA linking what has be done to the EFQM model. It is the same with KBAM, whereat KBAM is something like the supreme discipline while it is going throughout nearly every criterion. We went through the whole booklet to identify possible aspects which can be met by KM or AM. For me that showed how also the criteria are linked between each other that a Leadership aspect for example is strongly dependent on KM and so on.

All these findings underpin for me the real power of the EFQM model

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  1. I really agree with you Ian. . . . I have noticed the same as well. . . . EFQM gives a holistic view of what we have done in MBE. .. . We went in more detail for every criterion. . . I am looking forwrd for OPP to clarify more the people aspect as well but i still think that we have covered it as well. . . .I was trying yesterday night to create a diagram and link every module of MBE in EFQM. First i clerified the most powerfull links and then tried to find the links among the modules. The outcome was exactly what EFQM describes. . . . .. . .

    I was amazed. I am looking at it right now. . . . Again this shows the Power of EFQM. . . It includes everything in it and the underpin philosophy is really close to Deming’s. So acting in philosophicla view in terms of SoPK (what a philosophy by the way hahaha) and apply management in terms of EFQM seem in my eyes as a good combination and i am looking forward to implement something like that. For that reason i am thinking of taking some additional training at EFQM after MBE. The EFQM foundation provides something for that. . . .. . . .

    I am really happy that someone else noticed the same. . . . . .

    09 Apr 2011, 17:01

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