April 12, 2011

Tell me !!! How does the future looks like?

Here we are, getting prepared for our future. But what does the future looks like?? This questions sparked my interest while working on an essay for an application. The application is for a challenge and about the CEO of the future and it is asked who things change in 2030. Already have written something and discussed with several people I am interested in your opinion.

What makes a CEO and thus his company successful? What are the criteria for their judgement. Are there tremendous changes?? What is the biggest difference to today's CEOs?

With regard to CBE, what is teh role of Excellence in the future? Whta about the balance between the different criteria of teh EFQM model. Will they stay the same or shift around or maybe be extended?

What about Assets adn their management? Will tehre be changes in how to manage assets, new approaches for manufacturing or something beyond risk management? What happens with knowledge. Is there something what needs specifically be considered by the CEO?

Sure leadership one of the biggest task of a CEO. How is this changing. Will the trend carries on in the direction of empowerment or do we find out something else was better? What are the most important request  of a leader? will there be differences to effective leadership today?

Part of being CEO is to make decision, at the best robust ones. Biut what about the time available in the future to make these decisions? What is required from the CEO in the future while making decisions? Will it become vital to make faster decisions due to always increasing pace of the environment?

I think the questions are not very easy and the whole task is even trickier. Apart from having my own picture in mind I am really interested in the opinion of as much people as possible. having thought about it a CEO or someone else in the top management, combines everything we have done so far. I think being a CEO is the royal league of applying the learned theory. But this is how it looks like at the moment, what can change until 2030?

Be as creative as you want to I think 20 years is a long time and a lot of changes cann happen also tremendous changes no one expected. I am really looking forward to your ideas.

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  1. Hi, Jan. Great question. We cannot control the future of the earth in 20 years, but we can control ourselves in the 20 years. For me, I reject to be transformed into a animal.
    Perhaps some sugesstions could help you describe the future, but is that the future you want to be ? No, only you know the answer.
    What is the difference between today’s CEOs and 20 years CEOs? I think if all CEOs (at least most of CEOs ) hold their ethics and responsibilities, the bad situations could be stopped or become better. However, if the future CEOs still like today’s most of CEOs, in 20 years our job is only to copy their today’s unhappiness and pass our unhappiness down to another generation. Isn’t it a worse circle, again ? ......
    Haha…expect to see you and discuss in our next meeting…..

    12 Apr 2011, 20:45

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