March 07, 2011

Is it always a matter of interpretation?!

Leadership still a huge topic and omnipresent. Just got feedforward and will carry on as planned with my idea, that is at least what I thought reading the FF. But no way, my nice idea just was as nice as I thoought. Reconsidering the usage of the contingency model turned out to be inappropriate. Now I have chosen another Leadership theory again not listed on the website. So I am quite excited if it is again the wrong direction.

The question is just is there a wrong direction? I mean every theory has its right to exist because in a specific situation with specific circumstances it was the most suitable one. BUt still identifying the best theory looks like a huge challenge. On the one hand a strategic approach could be great but on the other hand there is the servant leadership presenting its advantages. In addition there are modified theories trying to integrate the best of everything. So that leads me to the conclusion that here again it is continuous improvement and a never-ending journey to achieve total excellence. So how can we suggest one approach now? Sometimes being a servant is great but on the other hand in another situation being autocratic is the way to success. Sounds like the contingency theory but these approaches also do not suit perfectly, because the way of choosing does not really fit. There is nothing just saying do what you think is appropriate. How could it, because then it is not any longer a theory, or is it? What is actually a theory?

According to Wacker, J.G.

By definition, theory must have four basic criteria: conceptual definitions, domain limitations, relationship-building, and predictions

To be good theory, a theory must follow the virtues (criteria) for `good' theory, including uniqueness, parsimony, conservation, generalizability, fecundity, internal consistency, empirical riskiness, and abstraction, which apply to all research methods

Source: Journal of Operations Management, Volume 16, Number 4, July 1998 , pp. 361-385(25)

This is why "do what you want" is not a theory du to its missing limitations, but it is easy to develop a new theory, but is it also effective? How can we say it is ineffective, just because we do not like it and it is not working for us?? What is effective then, just get the task done or is it also the way of get it done? Sure I am not a native speaker but nonetheless I do not know if effective is then the right term in this context.

Heaps of questions and I guess no right answer it is always depending on the interpretation. So for me that means after some experience I can establish my theory!? A great idea. :)

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  1. Hi, Jan. Great idea. What is a real theory??? About my project I totally overthrow my ealier thinking. Yes, why not? Because I really do not like SME. Also, SME do not like me. I have no direction about my project now, but I am so happy that I overthrow the ealier stuipid or even ducks’ thinking. Oh, direction, come up…....Haha… Jan. Great idea. Wonderful !!!!!!

    07 Mar 2011, 13:44

  2. Oh, a confusion appeared. If I totally overthrow it, perhaps one of my friends will feel sad, because I let his work is inefficient. If I do that, whether I did not respect his work. Hi, Jan, if you meet with this situation, how do you do ? .......Peaceful…..Balance…...

    07 Mar 2011, 13:52

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