February 28, 2011

Heaps of literature and the first confusion

Second day of skimming literature about Leadership and I must say I am impressed. OK it was said that there is a lot of literature about leadership out there, but this is astonishing. Anyway it is so interesting and gripping that I would like to read everything. But how to stay focused that is really not easy regarding this topic. No matter what I read even if you have your questions in front of you, I am quite often thinking that I could use it…

Anyway what do I have learned so far, again a lot like usual. But the most important thing, was to realise that regarding leadership theories it also depends on how a leader behaves. There is no best way of leading a company it always depends on the situation, environment and people. And there my first confusion pops up. This approach is broadly summarized as the Contingency theory. There are different versions and enhancements in the literature. The question for me now; when I am now choosing that theory how does it going on? Ok I have then a specific situation, but what is the leader then supposed to do? Can he uses then another theory for example the strategic approach or is it then just a question of leadership style? Or do I need a lot more into detail. I am a bit missing a solid guideline like in stratgic leadership for example, but ok I think there is enough literature to figure that out.

You see it is quite confusing and a lot of knowledge and thus reading is required to really get a sufficient picture of leadership. For me that means to give a proper consultancy a lot effort is required which I appreciate because on the other hand I can learn so much for my future. And the first time I think I really need a very deep understanding of the topic to be satisfied with my outcome. Hope the 40h won't be exceeded so much and maybe I can find a leadership theory giving me guidance how to stop this kind of perfectionism ;)

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  1. Hi, Jan. Good idea. Indeed, there is no best way of leading a company. The leading way depends the situations, environment and people. I also think about the strategic leadership. But I do not know how to explain it well. Because the strategy is flexble according to different situations, enviroment and different people’s character. Anyway, good idea. Haha… I agree with you.

    03 Mar 2011, 21:11

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