February 24, 2005

Medea #3 – Filming and Gender War

Principal Photography. No jacket required, just a hat.

It's hard to talk about this stuff without repeating what's already out there or discussing minor greivances without sounding bitchy.

I'm not really sure what went down at the begining of Thursday's sesh which I think I missed. Because suddenly decisions on style and theme had been irrevocably cemented. Under that cement were any ideas I had contrary to this magic style which God seemed to send down while I blinked. Apparently the camera moving is a really big deal. Can it shake? Noooooooooo. But I'm not bitter.

The maths building filming was really good. We got everything we set out to except my walking away backward tracking shot out of the building because windows reflect light, OOPS! It could've been done somewhere else but there was no need to take the camera somewhere else plus it would've gone on too long. Each shot was basically an expression of distance between gender and isolation with de-personified gender. There's no need to write everything out, its there on film FOREVER (eat that live performance) and pretty straightforward.

The annoying thing about working in an equal group is that your always afraid of seeming like a controlling asshole. I think Owen has said something similar. When I really want a certain idea done or I have an idea I feel apologetic for powering it through. It's so annoying! Because I never think anyone's an asshole for making a suggestion or doing something. Yet when I took over the camera once or twice to get my exact thought on camera and blatantly just told people what to do ("Squeeze the railing!") there is a fear that people will have a sense of being dominated. "A dictatorship would be a alot easier, as long as I'm the dictator." Boo hoo for me.

Burning hat memories may be impeding by positive expression of the work. But rest assured the time was well spent, hardly a moment wasted in our chocolate fueled creative eutopia, also called the maths building.

At one point I thought "Acting, anyone" so I told Zoe to touch herself (on the neck) and wrap her arms around herself so she looked more vulnerable… success! This combined with the bird eye view SHOT to make her seem very little and sympathetic. Then I went and did the same thing. This male female switching occured for most of the other ideas so the initial (Fledging?) Idea of male and female being put into eachothers position might come through… might.

I guess this is what happens when you mix Boogie Nights, being pissed off and blogging. I hope all of it doesn't sound really bitter. Thursday was a creative opus almost on par with the 12 hours responsible for He-Men Part II. PLUG.

Gender War

The focus off the whole piece seemed to be leaning towards male and female opposition. In the true method style the group split off into lads and lasses and made a list of things they didn't like about the opposite gender. The guys was:

When they assume you can't understand anything they're going through just because you haven't got ovaries.


When they say that we should know what's wrong with them, and what to do, even though the rest of the time they say we can never understand.

Technological incompetancy

Having to explain films, especially at the most innapropriate times

Innapropriate over-giddiness

Moody, makes you assume it's your fault and then won't explain what's wrong.

Assume no man can be trusted, but all women can

Saying things that something didn't mean anything, when it clearly did.

Where as every woman is seen as a deep and meaningful person, men are always put into stereotypes.

Bitchiness with other women.

If a blokes in a mood he's an idiot, but if the woman is then the man has to adapt.

A man can move on from an argument after an hour, a woman still hasn't moved on after a week.

They can't understand why explosions are cool.

Talking about the good things about their ex's.

Silent moody blank outs where you have to guess at the problem for about a week.

Saying they'll never drink that much again, but continuing to drink that much again. And again.

They hate all men until they see one they like who turns out wrong. Rinse and repeat.

The girl's list is over on Sophie's blog

The reason we did all this was because Hugh Denard rightly pointed out to us that we had forgotten what response we wanted to evoke from the audience. We decided we wanted to evoke questions about gender opposition how each gender view the other. Challenging the audience to question their own views and maybe judgements of the other gender.

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