February 18, 2005

Medea #1 – Conceptualising

It started with one question: Who does Euripides want the audience to sympathise with more, Jason or Medea? Following an epic confrontation between the two disagreeing factions, we split into said factions and began the greatest creative journey since J.R.R. Tolkien sat down and thought, "Hobbits?"

First the group split up went to research the library, internet, etc and some people went to interview people in da street. We returned to the fray having learned the myth behind Medea and informaion about productions.

The group discussion commenced and Nick geniously conceived an installation where the audience could walk around the studio and watch different things going on. A central issue that emerged was that the play was comissioned by the Corinthians to bring scared visitors in who believed the myth that it was the Corinthians who killed Medeas kids not Meda herself (Going to somewhere where kids have been killed is unlucky apparently.) We wondered how we play around with myth vs play, NOT myth vs reality or vs reality vs play and we thought it coudlt come to some kind ofdebate on stage. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but, BEEP BEEP, I thought of a film idea, the question that began this creative journey, Jason or Medea, made me think about how you could ask the audience this in an interesting and stimulating and funky way. An art college was thought up which would include newpaper clippings etc which would reflect on issues of gender politics and propoganda, at this point the group discussion broke down because me and Rhyyyyyys got excited about the film idea and people began to discuss the seperate sections of the piece. This was partly due to the sudden lack of a conch, which began as a vital instrument but was abolished due to fear of unconciousness through water bottle impact on the skull. So we left after a (successful) day of CONCEPTUALISING. The different aspects stood at:-

– A chorus tableuax
– An art college (possibly viewed only with torches held by the audience)
– A live piece dealing the issue of myth vs play
– A monologue with film going on behind it.
– Use of recorded sound.

I'm in the film group so I'll say a bit more on that. It's gonna have Medea "performing live" with a video of Jason looking and being shot (oooh cinema) in a very sympathetic way. The point of this is that Medea as a character in the text is trying to engage the audiences sympathy by standing there moaning, by putting Jason on screen behind her, Medea isn't allowed the audiences full attention and they are battling for sympathy and attention.

The reason I don't know much about the first three is because of the nature of our piece. We decided on what it was, chose what we wanted to do and split off.

What's worth finishing on is what the hell links all this stuff together, well here are the ideas for theme. OPPOSITION, the myth is in opposition to the play and Jason and Medea are in opposition to eachother. This grew into (beep beep) PERCEPTION! The audience is given two perspectives in each and can view each one how they percieve it, the people offering the arguments have there own perceptions. Furthermore perception is represented by the fact that the audience can wonder around whereever they want, they can choose to see what they want when they want and when they do they can choose how to see that.

Some of this might not make sense because I wrote it in bits and moved it around. Anyway I hope you get the jiz of it.

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