May 06, 2006

Registered Linux user, but no cigar?

So I actually became a registered Linux user last night (# 416286!), although I feel a little like I'm cheating because at the time I was suspiciously without a kernel. On Thursday I updated my system which included getting FC5 kernel 2107, a mistake I can now see because it was incapable of starting X. Because of this I felt that it would be sensible to get rid of the un–working kernel, but in my zeal I got rid of all kernels. The only way I could find to get it back (with help from the nice chaps at – one of whom lives in Coventry so is probably at the uni) was to boot with the DVD then use

Linux rescue

Yes to having the network connection and used the default settings

Chroot /mnt/sysimage
Yum install kernel

the only problem now is that I need to update grub because it's been going wrong and has lost fedora, mightily silly. I'll update when I figure out how… and I might even get round to finishing the install how to… that one is scheduled for after the exams when I put it on a friends system (whether he wants it or not ; ))

Update: I ended up re–installing Fedora completely. It was my fault for uninstalling the kernels in the first place so I'm not going to judge fedora too harshly because of it – that is just the chance you take with a bleeding edge distro… I might one day try ubuntu… I'll wait and see before I make any move. As someone pointed out to me on the forum; bordeux (core 5) is less than a month old, it needs some time to bed down. I remember the problems we had with the first release of Win 98, they make this seem so minor in comparison.

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  1. Colin

    Save yourself all the pain and use ubuntu, or for that matter any debian based package management system.


    At the very least apt–get would have informed you you were about to do a really dangerous thing and forced you to type in a "yes, I know this is dangerous" kinda response :)

    As for editing grub, you can edit grub from the boot menu, which is really useful. When you see the menu, select an existing entry and type "e". This will then let you edit each individual line that makes up that menu entry.

    06 May 2006, 12:17

  2. Tim

    I agree with Colin.
    apt package management is incredible (and don't talk to me about apt on RH, urgh.)

    10 May 2006, 02:03

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