March 24, 2006

AJAX Write 0.9

Writing about web page

I recently discovered a new program called AJAX Write. Cunningly enough this uses AJAX. The general idea is that they wanted to create an alternative to Microsoft office which would be usable by anyone at any time over the Internet. They seem to have done a fairly good job with it, it can apparently open a variety of file types; .odt, .pdf .txt rich text format which gives it a good sense of functionality. It doesn't seem to have a spell-check function, which is a shame, nor does it seem to have a grammar checker. All in all, it is only a 0.9 release, and I hope that it can have a good long life. They are going to be releasing a new program every Wednesday which is aimed at rivalling “Office”. I would like to see a conjunction with open office though to try and make the open document type a new standard; but I doubt I'll get that. Currently I am struggling to make the save function work though…

Opening time: approx. 6 seconds
Size: 400k
Cost: FREE! (free beer – for all you /.'ers)
also, you never need to update it… which is nice

Check it out at

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  1. They have done a great job and it is very impressive for a web app. As a Firefox user I can use it and enjoy it but unfortunately it is won't ever work in anything but Firefox as it is build with XUL. It seems a shame that they have limited their market so much :(

    24 Mar 2006, 15:59

  2. Well, they claim it will work in Linux, but I've not booted up my linux to give it a go in Konqueror. I would imagine it should… even if it doesn't everyone should be using FireFox anyway as it really is the best – which is to say it's my browser of choice. Besides most of the people who use it will be part of the FireFox grouping anyway… I think there has been about 100 million downloads of it now, so the market share is growing aswell.

    24 Mar 2006, 16:07

  3. They say that to simplify things they've cut out all the crazy features that word has. So they've basically made wordpad. It's impressive as an example of what AJAX can do though.

    26 Mar 2006, 18:02

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