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April 19, 2006

Fedora Core 5 repositories

I want to set down some clear and simple advice on what the best way to get going on Fedora core 5 (bordeux). There are lots of good sites out there already which deal with this subject matter but I often find that there is an implicit assumption that you know how to get from one step to the next. To this end I want to try and make a complete little how-to, perhaps even a series of them…

Firstly by way of a preamble Fedora core 5 is the latest fedora release. Fedora being a distribution of linux which is free (beer and speach – although thats sometimes doubted). Fedora works within the Red Hat project and it is also a nice place to start on linux. Unfortunately Fedora does not contain inbuilt support for many things which would be useful (like mp3) because they only support open formats.
After installing Fedora on your computer (a good how to can be found at this link as well as the download iso) you will be taken through a walk through about getting some set-up things done (oh, and if you use windows DON'T set it to use UCT). I have a widescreen laptop and this created some difficulty, what I found it best to do was set the resolution of the screen as if it was 1024×768 and then it seems to work. When I set it to the true widesceen format the text looked disjointed and was hard to read…

*don't type what is in square brackets…

Anywho, with that done you'll want to update your yum configuration, to do that open up a terminal (its under accessories at the top left) and type: su – [then press enter]
[enter your root password]
[you should now be as root, type:] yum update

This should update all of your softaware that you have put on, either in the installation or since

now would be a good time to add another repository (this is a really easy place to get software from)

go to the terminal again, become (if you are not already) root (with the 'su -' command)

[type] rpm -ivh http:/ /
[I had to put in a space because otherwise it just came up as 'link', obviously copy this into terminal and just delete the space in the '..://rpm…']

this shoudl install the livna repository without any problems, if it asks you is it is ok to proceed, just press 'y' then enter

ok, now it might be a good idea to install anti virus software, so type in terminal, as root:

yum search 'clamav'
[will continue later when I can actually be bothered to look up the specific commands, if you know how to use terminal, clamav is great…..]

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