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April 01, 2006

New society?

I am thinking of trying to get together some kind of society where people can share open software and what have you, does anyone think this is a good idea? I got thinking about it because I was wanting to download Slackware but the thought of downloading 4.7 gig is a little daunting on a connection this slow (also I can't make use of the official torrent). Maybe some kind of message board system where people say what iso's or dvd's etc. they have that they could share. Could also spread the open source message round campus. It's currently just an idea, but as I say, any thoughts?

(or does this already exist within a computer society?)

AJAX Sketch

Writing about web page

Another week, another XML based program.

AJAX sketch is from the same people who brought you AJAX write and is based on the same principles, it uses an open format in a free (beer!) way. Use it to create interesting pictures, although the extent to which you can do anything too impressive at the moment is debatable. The first splash screen looks impressive, but I don't seem to be able to get a similar level of functionality out of it. It feels a little sluggish and the selection method can be a hassle. I would have preferred something similar to One Note in the selection method, which is to say clicking and dragging a box over what you wish to select. That said this too is a “0.9” version release, so there could well be better things to come. Better still you don't need to update because it's all based on–line so you always get access to the newest version. Give it a go. Try AJAX Write. They might not replace your current applications that you use at the moment, but if this is the future (the “web 2.0” – if there ever will be such a clear division) then it is at least a good omen.

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