January 28, 2007


Kinda stuck on what to do for Valentine’s Day. I mean, I’ve got lecturers, my bf got work, so he couldn’t get down here till around 7-half 7. Anyone got any original, non-soppy ideas?

January 25, 2007


The DS has arrived :)

January 24, 2007

Seems like the longest day

Woke up at 7am to look outside the window and see snow! Yes, I was up at that un-godly hour for a 9am lecture. So I look outside the window and see snow, and think ‘bollocks’. Quite literally. Never driven in snow before, so it was gonna be a new experience. Was doing alright until the car infront braked, and I did, but the car slid :s managed to not hit the car, but still scary!

Got my essay back and found out I got my first ever first! I was so happy, told everyone, which probably wasn’t very good thinking as my housemate didn’t do too well on hers. Eek.

So, am currently attempting my tutorial work, which is in for next Friday.

January 23, 2007


Grrrrr exactly!

I’ve had my lab report back, and i’ve done really bad, all because I’ve done a calculation wrong. Thing is, I even went to my lecturer to ask if it was right before I handed it in, and he said it was!


Home again home again

Writing about web page http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk

Well, sort of. It’s my home away from home: uni! Travelled back today around lunchtime, thought I’d miss the majority of the traffic, but to no avail, as the M6 was moving about as fast as a sloth that’s paralysed. Oh well, got here eventually.

Got up late after last night’s shananigans: sitting in the freezing cold till midnight comforting a friend who was really down cause she can’t get her dream job.

Better get on with some work. Gonna print off some lecture notes and some research papers, and get out the trusty highlighter whilst listening to Kerrang!

Oh yeah, was headbanging to this track on the journey to uni!saliva_always.mp3

January 22, 2007

Now my head hurts

Ok, so written up my Mol Endo notes, so they’re all up-to-date, and I’m halfway through the Trans Tech ones. Also been trying to fathom out the Nuffield Application for a bursary grant, but I seem to have lost all my statements to go in it, like my CV and the like! Eek!

Also been trawling Ebay for DS games. Well, you can’t have a DS without games to play on it can you?

Been to nan’s aswell, as I feel guilty that I won’t be there for her birthday on Friday. But I am going to see her on Sunday, and go with her to the hospital, as she is having an operation next week.

Back to ye olde lecture notes and a cuppa (or two)

When I got up this morning, it was dark….

Got up at the rediculous hour of 7 this morning, as I had to drop my dad off at the mechanics for his car to be serviced. Don’t mind really, gives me more time to work today, as I have about 4 lectures worth of notes to write up. I like Molecular Endocrinology, so don’t mind writing up the notes. Transgenic tech, on the other hand, while I enjoy it, at the moment the lecturer is a bit boring.

I’ll blog in later, and see how many notes I’ve written up :p

January 21, 2007

the bay

Writing about web page http://www.ebay.co.uk

My DS :)

Currently feverishly pressing the ‘refresh’ button every 5 seconds to see if I’m still the highest bidder on a Nintendo DS. I’ve only been wanting one since they cxame out, and since Duncan lent me his the other day, I’ve stepped up to the challenge and started bidding for one. Only been outbid about 50 times already.

YAY!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!

Only got to get the games now.

Plus, I bought a brand new clarinet yesterday, so that’s a huge dent in my balance. Eek. Oh, to be a student!

I’ll probably get bored of it, but oh well.

October 24, 2005

Where's History of Art?

Exactly what it says on the, er, title.

I can't find it on the map…where is it?!

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