December 09, 2014

WMG Ful Time Msc Masters

The new year has started with a bang and the first batch of marking is due in this coming Monday. With 4 modules done already this term, the interest of the students has been as good as usual.

Always looking to develop and move the module forwards it's good to get both the positive and negative which will feed into the remaining runnings for this academic year.

Running 4 modules for WMG takes up a good amount of my time, but means I get to deliver to future business owners and help them develop a further understanding in the areas of eCommerce, CRM, Creating Profitable eBusinesses along with understanding the Global eBusiness environment.

It also ensures that both the University and my clients get upto date thinking as both aspects influence each other. The beauty of having a room full of 36 students means they all go away and carryout interesting research which helps me develop my knowledge which can then be used with clients to ensure that the actual benefit can be seen of the research being undertaken.

Being so busy in the University and with my own business means I have to plan and schedule my work extremely well in order to stay up with delivery for clients.

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