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October 29, 2011

workshop on critical thinking 28/10/2011

I attended a really interesting workshop on critical thinking. I really enjoyed it and i got so much out of it. It explained how to read, listen, write and think in a critical way, and in by regular practise, this will become second nature for writing assignments, essay, exams etc. The workshop was really interesting in that we got to put into practise some of the skills learnt which has really helped with setting the foundations for future use.

Aims and objectives for the next few weeks;

To read and listen in a critical thinking manner and to ask more questions.

To analysis work that i read and to look for valid points, logical sequence and a sound conclusion.

I will start putting ideas to practise with writing when beginning to plan my essay assignment within the next few weeks.

I really did enjoy this session ad i have gained alot of knowledge and understanding of critical thinking.

October 22, 2011

Facing my fears 20th October 2011

Follow-up to My First Action Plan from Jo's blog

Today was a major event for me in that i faced my fears full on. We had a lecture today followed by a group seminar which entailed working in groups and presenting work back to the class. The presentation was done infront of about 60 people and held in the lecture hall so it was a little more nerve racking than usual. I put myself forward to feedback our work back to the larger group. My heart was pumping so loud i thought everyone would be able to hear it through the microphone at the front of the lecture hall. Although i was very nervous, I'm glad i faced my fears full on and just went for it. Its over and done with now and hopefully i can get used to this type of work and hopefully the nerves will fade over time. I am slightly proud of myself for doing it as it has made me more confident and assertive, well, a little bit more anyway!!

October 16, 2011

Assertiveness skills 15.10.11

Follow-up to My First Action Plan from Jo's blog

Saturday 15th October

Today I have been putting my skills into practise in terms of being assertive. Today's task was to buy a computer that is suitable for all my needs and maybe getting it a little cheaper than expected. Well, having done lots of talking to sales staff in 4 different shops, i made the decision as to which computer would be best and using my assertiveness skills i launched into the big question of discount and any freebies as i would be spending a large amount of money in store. I must of been quite persuasive, because having asked to speak to the manager i did manage to get the computer with some discount as well as some free software thrown in. I'm very happy with that result, and am now off to play with my new technology!

October 14, 2011

My First Action Plan

I would like to develop the following skills further to help with my degree course:

Leadership skills: Workshop P8 to help develop skills to lead a group project

Oral communication skills: Iwill practise presentation skills by putting myself forward to present work in group settings as well as attending workshop P4 to help deliver effective presentations

Assertiveness skills: Practise and develop skills in every day life situations such as making a complaint, rather than just accepting mistakes

Self promotion skills: Workshop P2 to enable skills to persuade and influence others views and opinions

Taking the initiative: Workshop P8 to help develop skills in leadership and taking initiative

Academic writing skills: Workshop A3 and A7 to develop skills in academic writing and speedy reading so i know what is important to read and what can be skimmed. I may also attend a critical analysing skills course so i will know i am on the right track when it comes to course work and exams.

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  • hi there! congratulations on conquering one of the most scariest feelings on earth. hahaha. i am chi… by on this entry
  • hi there! congratulations on conquering one of the most scariest feelings on earth. hahaha. i am chi… by on this entry

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