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February 24, 2009

Fundamentalist or Apathetic

Fundamentalist or Apathetic

Everybody writes for a reason.
In today’s turning world, like every other day, we are experiencing great change. Climate, economy, religion, politics, culture - are all being affected by the capitalist instrument which propels us forward.

The weather here in England, so prominent in conversation, is utterly absurd, and almost entirely ignores seasonal patterns. It snows in spring, rains in summer, and sees the sun fade in October. Our defined clouds have merged into a giant grey mesh like that in Hong Kong where you never see the sun or stars. In this country you can count the stars above your head, go abroad where the smog is more subtle and the city silent and you will see more stars then you can comprehend, such as in Croatia.
There is strong evidence to suggest that all this weather confusion is due to our pollution, but our science can only speculate, it is up to us to form opinions and make decisions, such as religiously recycle or drive a high emission 4x4.

Where is God today? Or yesterday or tomorrow?
Increasingly it seems that God’s place in this world is diminishing, the Sunday Service has grown so much smaller only a few devout old ladies cling on to their faith for fear of death. This brings me to the fundamentalists.
In the twenty-first century it is clear that religion still plays an extremely important part in peoples lives,  this can be observed from acts such as suicide-bombings, people are willing to kill themselves on behalf of their religion. Though this is not entirely new, it has a much more sinister implication in a world supposedly governed by reason. However such acts are not necessarily as unreasonable as they are portrayed. Our media, though claiming impartiality provides only rumours such as “they believe if they kill themselves they will go to heaven with seven virgins”  but this is not a reason to die, because why would you bother living in the first place if you had such a divine other option. Reasons for suicide are not something anyone can understand except the person experiencing them. It is more probable that the people who are willing to die for their religion, (as our soldiers die for oil) is because of a higher power that instructs them to do so. It Instructs and indoctrinates weak people who have become lost and are vulnerable. The instruction gives them strength and so they follow without any need for sight as they are led by a firm leash. However people willing to blow themselves up are not always misguided, some are perfectly rational, they simply suffer from strong feelings, often those of resentment due to unjust acts. Everyone deserves a right to religion and when that fundamental part of life is threatened then you will fight with all you have even if it destroys you.
Fundamentalists exist in many forms; black supremacists, terrorists, Neo-Nazis, or the Westborough Baptist Church, are just some that writhe among us today and they are growing stronger, more viciously advocating their beliefs and incorporating more and more people through the use of  technological media and persuasion.

Fundamentalists lack moderation. This is because they believe either moderate ways will fail or already have failed them, they are people who have been succumbed to a certain way of life that is of the utmost importance to them. What makes someone a fundamentalist is to absolutely advocate their beliefs in such a firm way that it can at times be dangerous. This is because there is no regard for the ‘other’ and only the ‘self’ becomes important. When there is opposition to all that is  ‘other’ a fundamentalist’ mind is impossible to penetrate, to even question that what they are doing may not necessarily be the right way to live their life, or that what other people do is acceptable.

‘Apathetics’ are the vast majority of people in the western world. We have lost god and our reason for religion and traded these beliefs for money and capitalism. Who needs god when you have money and your own corporation? There are things in this world God cannot change, but money can. Money we can see, feel, smell and accumulate, God however is nowhere to be seen, touched or felt physically.
Perhaps people have lost sight of why we believe in God. There are approximately twenty-two main religions spread throughout the world today. Inevitably this is going to cause some confusions, as peoples and religions intermingle, a general mixture of faiths can be seen merging with other beliefs. This cocktail only helps to enhance fundamentalist beliefs as they feel their defined beliefs are being corrupted. Religion’s walls are slowly crumbling under capitalism, whilst reinforcing barriers elsewhere. We see Jews who eat bacon, Muslim’s who harm their bodies with smoke, Hindu’s who chomp through beef burgers, and Christian’s who do not feel the need to bother with church anymore, unless they are left totally helpless with nothing else to turn to.
Go on any facebook profile and have see how many people have anything under “political views”
“religious views” and if they do whether they actually have anything serious under those headings. From a recent research of 500 people, only 32 have an actual political stance, and 15 include either the name of a religion or God. However this is no real evidence for the lack of faith we are experiencing around us, perhaps people are embarrassed to say they believe because we have been betrayed by government so many times. Where is the government when people on the streets are starving, or our country plummeted into yet another recession or forced into a war the majority disagree with?  There is no trust in our politicians and rightly so, too many times have we foolishly been deceived, now we are ashamed and powerless to prevent this. Any wrongdoing such as- “There are weapons in Iraq” George Bush Jr, are simply slid under the carpet, never admitting the government is wrong.
If there is, or ever was a God, then this planet is no longer of his concern. Crowley’s words resonate “Do what thou wilt” the guidance of God has gone and we are now left to our own devices to destroy ourselves.  Fundamentally the price of religion is capitalism. The universal whore that is money, renders religion useless.

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