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April 25, 2012

My Researcher Profile

Name: Jordan Quinn

Department: Psychology

Project Department: Institute of Digital Healthcare, WMG

Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Yap

Why does your URSS project interest you?

The project is about the impact of social media on improving healthcare of chronic diseases in ethnic minorities. What interests me, on a basic level, is the health aspect, being able to work on a project which can be applied to the medical field. On an academic level, I'm looking forward to its interdisciplinary aspect of the project, being the overlap between pharmaco-informatics, medicine and to an extent psychology. Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to gain knowledge in a field outside of my undergraduate course in psychology.

What are you hoping to achieve through your URSS project?

Ideally, it would be brilliant to be able to make a respectable contribution to our understanding of social media & healthcare by publishing a paper (you never know, it could happen!) in an up-and-coming field. I hope to develop a good work ethic and discipline appropriateto academic research, which I could then carry on through the rest of my undergraduate degree. It would also be great to have a good understanding of being a researcher before starting postgraduate studies.

What new skills are you hoping to develop?

I'd like to develop a good work ethic in academic rigour in my work, extending to being comfortable in synthesising a mass of relevant articles and good time management. It would be great to improve my academic writing to potentially publishing standard. A good overall knowledge of pharmaco-informatics would give me great knowledge and skills to draw on in undergraduate work.

What contribution to knowledge could your URSS project make?

-Outline the positives & negatives of social media's impact on drug-related problems; studying the effectiveness of technological internet "accessories" as a support platform for disease treatments.

- Highlight the cultural differences and takes of various ethnicities with regards to social media, and inherently in the overlap between social media and healthcare.

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