November 16, 2004

Stuff, General Stuff and a Plurality of Stuff

There are a lot of things I haven't gotten round to writing about.

Like the debate concerning religion and homosexuality. I was suprised that marriage was considered on only two counts, the legal and the religious. Surely more important is the third, unmentioned, social component, where legality and religious belief interact? I was also impressed with the honesty and open-minded consideration given by the speakers. I was also pleasantly suprised by Rosemary's attendance – she was actually quite an excellent counterpoint (perhaps 'harmony' would be a better word?) to the speaker for Christianity.

All things considered, it was a pretty successful affair, especially considering Jenna's pessimistic expectations. She hadn't been able to contact some of the speakers, felt that she hadn't managed to arrange for enough people to talk about the issue, and decided that there probably wouldn't be enough people in attendence to get anything started anyway. So – GO JENNA! You're ace and you know it!

I've written a script which installs the snes9x emulator onto a temporary directory, allowing me to play 'Super Mario Allstars + Mario World' to my heart's content. Anyone else managed to get past the 'Lost Worlds'? No? Just me? Oh well. I suppose I'm just incredibly special and brilliant, or something like that.

Boy, do I need more drugs. I've run out of Olanzepine – it seemed to be making a modest difference, but now that I've stopped taking it things have been getting decidedly trippy – in a bad way. I think the idea is that it works like antibiotics work on acne – after so long the problem improves by so much, and you gradually withdraw from the course until you're fine without any drugs. Well – actually, I hope that's how it works. From some of the stuff I've read, it could be a lifetime thing, which is something I never want to get into.

I haven't noticed myself gaining any weight, which is a big side-effect. However, I shall be attending our fine gym just in case – at least, I'll be fighting that Damned Christopher Knowles, who has been inhabiting the place regularly since the beginning of term. He has actually got value for money out of his gym membership, a thorougly unhealthy state of affairs. Slap him, like I've promised to do.

My housemate, Elizabeth, went up even more in my estimation when she got the script (and thus the sheet music) for the Buffy musical episode! All this time I've been trying to play 'I'm Under Your Spell' by ear, and now I can just read the fricking stuff! This has contributed to my gradual realisation that the piano is taking over my life – I'd be quite happy to quit my degree right now if I could join one of those old Russian conservatories and enroll on their six-year or more course. Unfortunately, I started learning how to play in my first year (I think that a few weeks ago marked the second anniversary of my piano playing), so I'm not terribly good. I can (slowly) play most grade three pieces, with huge mistakes, by sight, perhaps a few grade four pieces, and I've managed to learn some higher-grade pieces by ear, sight and memory. I have had a few compliments, though, from the Chaplaincy peeps – two people today said that I usually sound excellent, and a brilliant (mystery) pianist told me that my technique was 'amazing' (his word, not mine!) given how long I'd been playing. I feel very flattered, and I'm inclined to blush away most of them. Anyway, compliments or no, the piano has become a big (possibly even a defining) part of my life.

I wonder if it counts as an unhealthy obsession?

Anyway, I shall be off, sparing anyone foolish enough to read this from any more prosaic ramblings about my life. Thanks if you're one of those fools. It means, well, something. I can't quite say what, but it means it.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, not quite since the beginning of term, i couldn't afford it at first, only every week day since the beginning of week 4, it would be nice to start seeing a difference but i'm not yet although a friend from home said i'd lost weight although I havent actually lost any, maybe its just been converted from fat on less obvious places to muscle in hidden places.

    16 Nov 2004, 21:16

  2. lol, Chris, that's possibly the most hilarious thing I've heard in the past few hours – 'maybe its just been converted from fat on less obvious places to muscle in hidden places.' I can't help but wonder what hidden places you're talking about. Chris and his bulging iliocostalis cervicis? Pulsating tensor fascia latas? Massive… erm, love muscle?

    Look, it was irresistable.

    The fact that you've managed to use your gym membership effectively is even more astonishing if you only started in week four. I mean, ye gods, Chris, do you go there every day or something? (I know you do.)

    As I said, it will only result in tears and tragedy as the newer, fitter you ends up pulling far too many lads, and you spend your entire life cursed with shirt-imperiling biceps and a stomach flat enough to sit a case of beer on.

    16 Nov 2004, 23:22

  3. Lol, well i just meant there hasn't be much noticable muscle growth, except maybe my arms which are a little tighter when tensing!
    Well to make it worthwhile i need to go 18 times a term, so 4 weeks at 5 times a week is 20 plus once in week 3 and twice this week makes 23 times and i plane to keep going every week day till the end of term.
    Pulling lads, oh what a tragdedy, bring it on!

    16 Nov 2004, 23:48

  4. well…I didn't have anything to do..Jenna needed some support…and with my many and varied contacts….
    I'm also quite happy arguing.

    PS I thought that you were going to bed!!! as I'm just about to do!

    17 Nov 2004, 02:22

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