November 08, 2004

Now with Added Dimensions

Well, this blog can go in one of two directions:

  1. I could let the last three entries be the sole outpouring of my efforts, leaving me with a lengthy analysis of my own disorder.
  2. Alternatively, I could actually add some character by talking about something else for a change. And, instead of worrying about people seeing any of the last entries, I can just come clean. Fine, yes, I've got a problem, who doesn't?

So here we are. I'm moving those entries to another category. If I want to say more on that topic, I'll put it in that topic, but right now I'm caught up in the flowery-loveliness that is the qualitative evolution of my thusfar pitiful, one-dimensional blogging attempt.

It looks like I do have a personality. Good luck me.

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  1. I want to say that people with problems tend to write well, but yesterday I chanced upon a blog in which every single entry was a wellspring of appallingly-written angst-ridden teenage pathos.

    This is not to say that you don't write well, of course. Yay for problems.

    08 Nov 2004, 22:10

  2. Well now you know that people who know you have read your blog. I can't believe you didn't mention it, I find it quite intriguing though. As far as the direction of your blog is concerned take it in whatever direction you want, don't feel you have to be multidimensional, if just having the one dimension is good for you then just be 1-d

    10 Nov 2004, 00:20

  3. Thanks Rachael, I shall jubilate in my defectiveness. :)

    And Chris, well, you're the first person that I know whom I know knows about this blog. (I barely have a clue what that means.) Thanks for not freaking out, it means a lot! I decided to write some other stuff for a change because I don't know how much it was helping me, just to talk about bad experiences like that. I think it's better to have other stuff to talk about.

    10 Nov 2004, 06:21

  4. Well now that you have a topic in the hot topics list you might have more people that know you seeing it! Damn you for being popular, no-one, that doesnt know me, is that interested in my blog.

    10 Nov 2004, 17:50

  5. Hello, virgin blogger here. I was just reading your blog about gay marriages, and thought that it was fantastically written, so insightful, and says everything that i would like to if I ever got in a debate about the subject. It was enlightening and liberating. Thankyou. I then was intruiged, and read your other blogs, and these two have been fascinating – i dont really know how to respond, all i know is that i wanted to. I cant say it will get better – i have no idea how it feels, what its like, or if it will. I dont feel sorry for you because you have a brilliant mind (and an even better vocabulary! Jealous!), and yet it sounds endless and consuming. I cant say im envious, because perhaps that would belittle the difficulties of existing on an everyday level (but maybe they are worth it?). I suppose in a small way, you grow to realise that all your differences and perceived faults, which manifest themselves in your distance from the "normality" of others, lead to a way of thinking that is, well (to use a bland word – still daunted by ur vocabulary!) interesting, and therefore surely preferable.
    Hmmm. Hold on, before you think im a weird stalker, i am intruiged by your motto – cacao? I dont remember Owen saying that. I take it that it's witty, but my latin is not too hot (and neither is my spelling). Soe pleese keap bloging, im interested.

    14 Nov 2004, 18:05

  6. oh – just read, and am ashemed with all mistakes. The first being two instead of too…damn you Kropotkin! I dont think i can read on. Oh dear.

    14 Nov 2004, 18:08

  7. Hey Chris, don't worry, I won't let popularity change me. Now go clean my boots!

    Michael, nice to know I'm inspiring virgins around Warwick. ;) As I said, with that article I'm really just basking in the brilliance of others, because I know for a fact that there are people who can say things far better than I can. The only advantage I have is that I can say it here!
    Though I fluctuate between different perspectives, my overall outlook is (like with anyone, I guess) that if I could retain all my positive features while overcoming my defects, I'd be perfectly happy. Realistically, there will probably be side-effects when those other windows are closed, not all of which will be desirable, but they're likely to be outweighed by the improvement in my quality of life. Luckily, it's not a constant problem, it's intermittant, so I have periods of clarity, lucidity and what I guess passes for normality into which I can fit the better part of my life.
    Oh, and don't be worried about my vocabulary! I assure you that if you read as much as I do you'd very soon be muddying the waters of clarity with your own chrestomathy of unnecessary and pretentious words.
    'Dulce et decorum est pro cacao mori' is meant to translate as 'it is sweet and beautiful to die for chocolate,' a play on the phrase 'death by chocolate'. It's pretty high in the list of ways I'd like to go!
    And why are you worried about mistakes? Look at Chris! And he wonders why his blog never makes it to 'Hot Topics'. :P [Just joking, Chris!]

    16 Nov 2004, 23:12

  8. Presumably 'Dulce et decorum est pro cacao mori' is also a play on 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori' … the poem. About war. Being bad.

    20 May 2005, 01:13

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