January 21, 2005

Bush acknowledges other religions; fundamentalists take a hissy fit.

Writing about web page http://www.worthynews.com/news-features-3/bush-shinto-temple.html

I have a certain republican friend who tries to excuse Bush's more 'funda-mental-ist' policymaking as an attempt to appeal to religious voters, rather than as an expression of his own beliefs. Personally, I think that's rubbish (besides, who wants a man with such a lack of moral calibre that he'll advocate major changes to the constitution just to get votes?), but having read the linked story I can see some of where he's coming from.

The title, by the way, is dressed up to read like a newspaper headline, inspired Chris' recent rant. As per his moan, I try to give the headline some perspective on reality.

Now, yes, it came from a while ago, but I thought it was so hilarious that it was worth pointing out, in case anyone else missed out on the comedy.

A prime quote here (the best bits are from later in the article – the beginning bit actually raises a few good points before descending into idiocy):

In the aftermath of September 11, amid Bush’s efforts to show respect for other faiths—particularly Islam, some see a drift toward universalism, which denies the exclusiveness of Christianity. Another example was Bush’s mosque visit immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Oh my gosh! Bush implies that America could be anything other than an exclusively Christian nation? You'd almost think we lived in a multicultural society… How horrible!

Such thinking seems to dominate popular culture. “The politically correct people are in charge of the public school systems, the universities, and the media,” Dr. Morey says. “They have brainwashed President Bush to believe all religions worship the same universal God.”

Please, it's too much. No, really, my throat is starting to go hoarse from laughter. President Bush? BRAINWASHED? Are we talking about the same Bush here? President 'I'm not homophobic, so long as they don't have sex' Bush? The 'life starts at conception, because gametes are human too' Bush? Mr 'I'm only funding abstinence-only sex education because disseminating inaccurate information is the goal of teaching' Bush? (I know, it doesn't really flow, but hey.) What planet have you been living on? If anything he could do with a bit of brainwashing; perhaps it would clean up his clouded logic.

And finally:

Many believers will hope Dr. Morey’s concerns and the fears of Japanese Christians are unfounded, as President Bush continues to live out his Christian faith in a pluralistic society.

He doesn't just live out his faith – he imposes it.

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