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December 31, 2007

Now 'tis in his belly

A confession by William Somers of Nottingham, in Samuel Harsnet's A Discovery of the fraudulent practises of John Darrell (1599), pp. 213-14, describes how the appearance of possession by 'some thing' can easily be achieved through manipulation of the body:

‘Also by drawing and stopping of my wind, my bellie would stirre and shewe a kind of swelling.  The bunch (as they tearmed it) about my chest, was by thrusting out of my breast. Likewise my secret swallowing did make the ende of windepipe to moue, and to shew greater then vsually it is: […] These motions by practice I woulde make very fast, one after another: so that there might easily seeme to bee running in my body of some thing, from place to place.’ (Harsnett qtd Parker ed., 283).

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