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December 31, 2007

fall down, and seem so. I’ll help to make it good.Voltore falls.

Falling was a common symptom of having been possessed.  Voltore's fall, 'brilliantly executed by the gaunt John Carradine, who gyrated briefly like a top and wass suddenly horizontal' (Schoenbaum qtd Hibbard ed., 16) may, in light of Tyson's argument for a connection between Volpone and Othello, be seen as a parody of Othello's fall into a 'traunce'.  For an illuminating discussion of the early modern significance of ‘falling’ and the ‘great falling sicknesse’ associated with possession by Mohamed, see Vitkus, Daniel, J. “Turning Turk in ‘Othello’: The Conversion and Damnation of the Moor.” Shakespeare Quarterly Vol. 48. No. 2: Summer 1997 (pp. 145-176).

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