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July 03, 2006

The Ultimate Meme

What is your name?

Lord Jeff of Fort Awesome.

What is your quest?

To kill 5 mintues with a stupid meme.

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen Swallow?

What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?

February 23, 2006


Writing about web page


I know that those at my abode have already heard and are aware of such things but I felt like gloating some more. I’m kind-of in a band. Recently my buddy Adam and I decided to give ourselves a deadline of New Year to get some tracks recorded so that others could hear what we sound like. This has been done and you can check them out here.

All are just rough mixes and are instrumentals due our lack of a vocalist, or, indeed any vocal talent. Apart from the slight gloating element, as I am actually quite proud of them (a lot more than anything else I've created be it musically or otherwise), I still like to hear people's thoughts, be they positive or negative.

But just remember, comments like "You suck!" make you look foolish, and besides, what have you done lately, hmm?

February 21, 2006

That's right, another bandwagon

Never one for original thought, I thought I'd jump right on this here bandwagon and post my one and only slightly artistic photo. If any more photo's follow, they will most likely be blurry messes taken of drunken people, by drunken people. So let this masterpiece of artistic and visual splendour suffice you for now…

The Bar

Camera: Sony Ericsson W800
Date: A while ago
Location: Bar Awesome. Yep a bar, in my house!
Shutter: Open, I guess
Aperture: You got me, it's a camera phone.
ISO: Who?
Comments: This is a picture of a vodka and lemonade with a merry christmas sign behind it.
Post-processing: I drank the drink, obviously!

December 14, 2005

The Story Of 'Jeff'

Writing about web page

It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. Mostly because I haven't thought of anything decent to say. I probably still haven't but here goes.

To introduce this story I should start by saying that I have a new job! It's pretty ace, in fact I'm there right now. I do Web Support for e-lab and although that my sound boring, it's not. The people are brilliant and I work about 20' from Mannion, which is nice. Anyway, the office is a bit confusing because of the 2 Mat(t)s, and sometimes there's a Pat as well. I'm wondering how long before I should mention the idea of calling me 'Jeff', and I thought I should maybe explain the backstory to the name for those who don't know.

What's that you say? Jeff's not my real name? No in fact it's not. It's not even my middle name. It all begins some time ago when some of my friends from Coventry Adam, John, Dan, Phil, Gaz who shall remain nameless kept getting my name confused with that of another friend, Mike. Now I've known these people for years which made it all the more annoying. Their excuse was that Matt and Mike were really similar so it was understandable. Not by me it wasn't! So I decided to make it easy for them and just blurted out "Well just call me Jeff! That's not like Mike!"

Why Jeff? Well I'd always liked the name and it always reminds me of a scene from Wayne's World 2 that some of you may remember. It's worth noting that it's Jeff. Not Geoff, or Geoffery, or, god forbid, Jeffery.

Anyway. It didn't catch on. No-one called me Jeff and I pretty much forgot about it. Then came uni and the other Mat. I tried suggesting the Jeff idea again, in what has to be described as a much more confusing situation than 'Matt and Mike', and for some reason it stuck. Now everyone in Leam calls me Jeff and I'm sweet with it. I've even stopped responding to Matt at home.

So there you go. Now you know the story. I keep trying to convert my Coventry friends but it seems to have less of an effect. Never mind, they'll come round some day.

Heavy Machine Gun