February 01, 2007

One month on…

Follow-up to Resolutions from Jeff's Irregular Movements

Well it’s now been a month, and a good a time as any for an update on how this glorified ‘todo list’ is going…

  • Finally get all things transferred to the new house. I’ve been living there 6 months now and its getting a bit ridiculous. Tesco and West Bromwich need doing this week. Done.
  • Sort out where to live after July. Done done done. I will now be resident at The Fort till at least July 2008. Hopefully the shower will be fixed before then. The shower is now half-way fixed.
  • Get a new phone. Done. And nice it is as well.
  • Start working out again. Well I’ve done one week, and after 4 days of muscle aches I think a more regular routine may be necessary.
  • Stop having Hula-Hoops for breakfast. I haven’t had had any since before Christmas. Success!
  • Above includes registering at the docs. This is more difficult than it should be because I’ve never done it before, so I need to go to my old docs to get some sort of card-thing.
  • When above is done, get all the things that either are, or I think are wrong with me checked out. Dan said that when he registered they did a check anyway. That could be a long day.
  • Go the dentists. Haven’t been to one of them in about 10 years. In my defense the last time I went I had 4 teeth pulled so I’m not exactly rushing this one.
  • Sort out employment. This one may be sorted already.
  • Sort out pension. I am now an Old Man and therefore need to think about when I will die, and the time between finishing work and then. In all seriousness the state pension is a joke, and as a temp I need to get this sorted on my own.
  • Learn to drive. I’m almost 23 so this one really should get taken care of. Even if I don’t want to drive anywhere in particular, I should at least be able to.
  • Try to drink less. In fact the complete opposite, but then that was the idea.

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