April 04, 2006

God help us all…

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4874694.stm

At this point I should offer my condolences to all those on Virgin Mobile who are about to kiss their Customer Service goodbye.

As an example of how 'clued-in' NTL are, we had someone come to our door yesterday from NTL trying to sell us broadband. Nothing strange there…

Except for the fact that we are already with NTL for broadband, and we already take out the fastest one.

It is also worth noting that one of the previous occupants of the house never paid the final bill, and NTL keep billing him. He currently owes them over £180. They have threatened to cut him off, then apparently told him they had done. Remember, this is all at the same house. Two broadband accounts, two different speeds, one house.

We have told NTL a couple of times that this guy doesn't live there, and they keep telling us to ignore the letters and they should stop.

Oh look, flying bacon!

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  1. fred

    Chances are the previous occupants actually did pay the final bill, but are still being charged. That's what happened to us and many others.

    04 Apr 2006, 10:16

  2. You'll be out of there fairly soon anyhow.

    04 Apr 2006, 10:22

  3. Poor Virgin mobile peeps. Also I had no idea that NTL were that successful. I have no idea why.

    04 Apr 2006, 10:54

  4. Christopher Rossdale

    It will have to pay 0.25% royalties on its revenue for three decades – with a minimum annual payment of £8.5m – to Virgin Enterprises for the use of the brand name created by Sir Richard. – So no pension problem for him then?

    04 Apr 2006, 12:17

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