All entries for Tuesday 21 February 2006

February 21, 2006

That's right, another bandwagon

Never one for original thought, I thought I'd jump right on this here bandwagon and post my one and only slightly artistic photo. If any more photo's follow, they will most likely be blurry messes taken of drunken people, by drunken people. So let this masterpiece of artistic and visual splendour suffice you for now…

The Bar

Camera: Sony Ericsson W800
Date: A while ago
Location: Bar Awesome. Yep a bar, in my house!
Shutter: Open, I guess
Aperture: You got me, it's a camera phone.
ISO: Who?
Comments: This is a picture of a vodka and lemonade with a merry christmas sign behind it.
Post-processing: I drank the drink, obviously!