All entries for Tuesday 18 October 2005

October 18, 2005


Thats right. We need suggestions for some cocktails that people have had and liked. Please don't put "Oh yeah I ad this gr8 1 calld a 'fuck up the arse'!!1! I woz SO drunk it waz ace!!1!!1", beacuse thats no help and well, frankly, anyone who types like that isn't my friend.

So basically anything you've made at home that was sweet or drunk when you were out and know the ingredients.

Ohhhhh Yes!

First some backstory. I first heard Trivium a while ago but I hadn't seen them live until the Download fest this year. They were first on the Saturday and I dragged one of my friends to see them.

Needless to say there were f-ing awesome! I even managed to convert my friend to liking them and they are easily our favourite band of the moment. We didn't get to see them on there tour that just finished, but I knew that they were touring agin next year. And as of 6.02pm I am the proud owner of two tickets for the Brum Acadmey for the 9th of March, exactly one week before my birthday. Oh Yeah!