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September 09, 2005

Interesting Facts About Fort Awesome

  1. This is a house of men, therefore we have no wine glasses.
  2. This is a house of men, therefore the toilet seat remains up.
  3. The water pump in the bathroom is comparable to a jet engine in noise, but not power.
  4. There may be too much electronics in the living room (or not enough).
  5. Nick is unimpressed by slow-motion dickery.
  6. Dan is a very tidy person.
  7. I am not.
  8. If you want to talk to the person in the next room, use MSN.
  9. Sam is good at Worms.
  10. I am not.
  11. No-one wants to do the washing up.
  12. The oven doesn't work The oven now works!
  13. It is surprising how annoying it is when the oven doesn't work.
  14. Lighting the grill can be dangerous.
  15. Arm hair is flammable (see above).
  16. There's a mouse, loose, about this house.

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