All entries for Thursday 04 January 2007

January 04, 2007


Pretty TastyTraditionally I’m not one for the reflective entries. Frankly I’m not one for the entries at all. I’m more of a Blogs Cow, grazing around others entries until the inevitable day when I am shot and eaten. At least I will be pretty tasty.

However, I feel compelled to jot a few things down, if nothing more than a todo list to remind me of all the things I said last year that I would ‘sort out next year’. Now it is next year. I’m as surprised as you.

In no particular order (as represented by the Unordered List)

  • Finally get all things transferred to the new house. I’ve been living there 6 months now and its getting a bit ridiculous. Tesco and West Bromwich need doing this week. Done.
  • Above includes registering at the docs. This is more difficult than it should be because I’ve never done it before, so I need to go to my old docs to get some sort of card-thing.
  • When above is done, get all the things that either are, or I think are wrong with me checked out. Dan said that when he registered they did a check anyway. That could be a long day.
  • Sort out where to live after July. Done done done. I will now be resident at The Fort till at least July 2008. Hopefully the shower will be fixed before then.
  • Go the dentists. Haven’t been to one of them in about 10 years. In my defence the last time I went I had 4 teeth pulled so I’m not exactly rushing this one.
  • Sort out employment. This one may be sorted already.
  • Sort out pension. I am now an Old Man and therefore need to think about when I will die, and the time between finishing work and then. In all seriousness the state pension is a joke, and as a temp I need to get this sorted on my own.
  • Learn to drive. I’m almost 23 so this one really should get taken care of. Even if I don’t want to drive anywhere in particular, I should at least be able to.
  • Try to drink less. Bugger that, I’ve changed my mind.
  • Get a new phone.

This list will probably be added to as I remember more things I spokes.