March 16, 2007

University Challenge

I may not have updated this blog for almost ten months, but that’s not going to stop me now. Basically, just to say… Woohoo! I’m on the Warwick team for 2007/8!! And I got the second highest mark out of everyone who went to the trials; the only guy who beat me is a postgraduate student who’s doing a PhD next year. Next thing is to actually qualify for the television series which takes place in Birmingham in the next couple of months.

May 26, 2006

Term 3, exams etc.

I really should get round to updating more often…

Well, it's Term 3 now and it's quite hard to believe there are only four more weeks of first year left. Right now I'm in the middle of exams, which isn't brilliant, but things are going okay generally. I had Linear Algebra today and Probability yesterday and both were quite reasonable, although next week's three in a row look scary.

Not much news other than that really. How boring.

March 23, 2006

Time for an update

I think it's about time I actually wrote something here. Now that it's the holidays I need something to distract myself from revision (although, obviously, I'm trying to spend as little time on that as possible anyway!).

So I've been back from university for almost two weeks now. The first was spent on tour with the University Symphony Orchestra in Italy, around the Verona/Milan area with a stop-off at Geneva on the way. They called it a tour, but it was much more of a holiday than any of the tours I've been on before, e.g. with my County Youth Orchestra. Still, we did manage to fit some music in amid all the sightseeing with two concerts in Bergamo and Brescia as well as some chamber music in a hotel in Geneva, which got us a free buffet.
The weather was nice, if a little windy at times; Venice particularly was considerably more comfortable than the last time I went, in the middle of summer five years ago (on another orchestra tour, in fact!). Plenty of ice cream was eaten. I didn't get round to trying "Mozart" or "English Soup" flavours, though. If I had a digital camera, I would probably have a lot of photos I could potentially upload here… but I don't.

Since returning to Oxford from the twenty-hour coach journey back on Sunday I haven't really done a huge amount. I have managed to watch some of the Commonwealth Games I was actually completely unaware they were going on until it came on the TV play the piano quite a lot and generally not do much really, until today when I did some Relativity questions. On the subject of the Games it amuses me a little how varied the programme can turn out. I don't know if it's entirely intentional or not, but today there was lawn bowls, where both competitors were grandmothers in their sixties, followed by men's super-heavyweight weightlifting, followed by women's netball. You can't ask for much more of a contrast than that!
As for revision, I'm not going to talk about that, but I'm a bit worried I'm actually going to have to do some this year. Oh, and I got a long overdue hair cut on Tuesday.

February 28, 2006

First entry

This is my first entry. Yay!

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