April 29, 2008

Attempt to keep an up–to–date blog #3

You know those days when you realise you have nothing at all to do? Well, you know when it’s made even worse because everyone else seems to be busy, so you find yourself drinking an entire bottle of Pepsi, playing online Scrabble for hours on end, watching the whole series of the Big Bang Theory, and then to top it all, your fingers inexplicably type your own name into Google? ... No? ... Just me? Oh dear…

Well that’s the day I’m having today. I had to wake up extraordinarily early because of a presentation on my Final Year Engineering Project (High Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry, if anyone’s interested). It finished at about 11, leaving me to my own devices for an entire day. This is especially hard after a couple of weeks of hyperactivity trying to hand coursework in on time, so I did end up doing the forementioned inevitable: Googling my own name.

And so, I stumbled across my Warwick Blog. I started it in my first year, mainly due to the pressure of the overactive IT staff who were incredibly motivated to introduce campus dwellers into the world of blogging. Then it was left in the depths of cyberspace until I remembered it a year and a half later, when I managed 3 posts and then, once again, forgot about it.

So this is my third attempt. I’m not sure what will be in Jo’s Blog Mark 3 just yet. For now I shall describe it as “anything I think is interesting”, because that just leaves me with all the scope in the world.

I shall sign off with a question aimed at you, the random reader who doesn’t actually know me but started reading my blog in the hope it may contain something worthwhile (alas, it does not). The question is this: What is the correct etiquette when you walk through a door and someone is a little further back down the corridor? Should you break your stride, hold the door open, but make said person do that funny little half-run as they speed up to reduce your waiting time? Or should you pretend you haven’t seen them and breeze on, as the door slams inches from their face? Although I agree both have their entertainment (funny half-run vs door in the face. Both are classics), what is the most acceptable? It’s a moral dilemma. Discuss.

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  1. sarah

    is it sad that i still have your blog as an RSS feed and check occasionally to see if you’ve restarted blogging :P? I think wait and make them do a silly run!

    23 May 2008, 23:25

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