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February 05, 2006

Move along, nothing to see here…

I'm feeling mighty pissed off because the Probability A test I missed on Wednesday was laughaly easy. I'll give one of the two questions now (correct me if this question wasn't on the test, please):

"A factory produces 16 microchips, of which four are defective. A machine randomly picks out three of the 16 microchips, and accepts the batch if all three are not defective. What is the probability that the machine accepts the batch?"

What moron couldn't blow the cobwebs off their brain and answer that? 12/16×11/15×10/14 = 11/28. 5% of the module for not even one bloody line of working out.

Dave, if you're reading, can you just give me the 10%? I answered the questions in the best part of three minutes and got them both correct.

I then went to the maths building, to spend part of my Saturday night doing Maths by Computing in one of the computer rooms (to be fair, I'd rather go and do that, than pay £100 for my own copy of MatLab :-)). That took all of half-an-hour. Bloody Newton-Raphson, I hated it at A-level and I hate it now. Why the fuck would anyone want to approximate the value of x for which logx=4 when you could just say the exact answer is e^4? Never mind. I'm sure the program comes in handy for more complicated behaviour (but having to differentiate your function by hand to put it in kinda defeats the object of using it in complicated situations).

I should make this entry less maths-orientated.

I'm really growing to like Muse. Apocalypse Please, I think it's called, is going around in my head.

Bring on the second half of the academic year! I can't believe we're half way through the term already! Where does the time go these days, eh? Is this the time of our lives where we begin to ask "where does the time go these days, eh?" with increasing frequency? To think I'll no longer be a teenager come Christmas Eve this year. Then again, the ageing process doesn't seem to affected some of our more handsome and inspiring doctors of Mathematics, such as the charismatic Dave Wood batters eyelids at Dave hoping it'll get me the aforementioned 10%.

:-). I think I'll sleep now. Pleasent dreams, all.

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