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July 29, 2006

Silly cats gah gah GAH!

On the basis that my mum decided to bog off for three days, leaving me home alone, I've had to perform all the tasks on her exceedingly large list of her to–do list. Now half of those things have been forgotton because she didn't write any of them down and I don't have a super–human memory. How much can there be anyway!?

One of the tasks that really does need doing though is giving Jaffa, our wuss–cat ginger tom who is scared of spiders, three tablets a day because he decided that he wanted to get bitten by something and not let us know until it got badly infected and let it remove half of one side of his neck and face :p

Yesterday he was fine but this morning I don't have a clue whether he had his 1.5 tablets or not. He decided that he wanted to be a git and wanted to struggle beyond belief. I don't even think my t–shirt endured the experience and I liked that t–shirt! It would have been easier but I can't just grab his face and neck because, well, that's what the tablets are for in the first place! The way he carried on I'm surprised he didn't bite his own tongue off…

That's it, I'm renaming that cat Cnut…

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