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April 07, 2006

Ohh yeah, I'm at university. I didn't forget. Honestly! ahem

I should probably update you all on my wonderful if boring life :)

I came back from t'weekend, to find that my dad is moving out AGAIN. I'm so fooked off right now, the atmosphere is awful and it's been like this for over a week now, thus I've got a slight excuse for not doing quite so much revision. I think. That's my excuse anyways, and I'm sticking by it.

While my dad was telling me, I got a text message from this girl that people were trying to set me up with last year. I got bored (night before Feeder – see previous entry – and I was in my room all alone without half my stuff) and so sent a message randomly to see what was happening with her etc., you see. Yeah, I'm a sad sad person! Naturally, I never got around to replying to her. Shame, but to worry, nothing would have come of it anyway I'm sure.

I also have job #1 lined up for the summer. Data inputter, baby! £840 for four weeks of retaining my sanity. You can't complain at £7 an hour, even if at times I literally wanted to commit suicide (turning emo, is it called?). It's inputting where every single mark was gained/lost in a year of pupils at various schools, i.e. I type in hunderds of thousands of 1s and 0s… If you've finished your exams, do the uni let you go home? I heard somewhere that they don't, which kinda annoys me because if they don't then I'll only be able to do a couple of weeks rather than all four.

I should start looking for job #2 in a little while too, I guess. Hrm.

My holiday has been practically ruined now. Grr. Not long before we're back. Not fair. I bet my dad moves out the day before we go back, knowing my luck.

Ahh well. I'll stop boring you now.

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