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June 01, 2006

Something INTERESTING in our flat!?

You heard me, our flat is actually quite interesting for once! We started off with eight, but two got kicked out this term for being ERASMUS students (they can only stay on campus for two terms for some reason), we have two Chinese who seem to do the majority of kitcheney stuff between the hours of 1am and 8am, and one guy who is… Well, Guy. I'd start to take the piss but, well, it'll have probably dried up on his floor by now :p

We got a new person in yesterday! A second year Law student who sounds as if she had THE coolest off–campus house ever. The cleaners are NOT happy with her (as demonstrated by the raised voices yesterday)... She's been leaving notes left, right and centre saying things like "please keep quiet" and "dont switch the radiator on in the kitchen because it makes a noise in my room". Okay, fair enough, even if the former message won't stop me from screaming down the corridor (which does seem to happen quite a bit nowadays, but that's a different story), but she's going a bit far now.

She's beginning to annoy me. What makes her think that she can practically boss us around? We've lived here some 27 weeks, she's been here ONE DAY. Yesterday I found that she'd moved what I had in the freezer and rammed it in somewhere else. It was replaced by ONE PIZZA. One. Bloody. Pizza. So I thought "bugger off," moved it to one side and put my stuff back next to it. Oh no, that's not happening. This morning I had a look to find that it had been rammed back in the same place! What's all that about!? I find it amusing that, for example, my cottage pie had been replaced by… Her cottage pie.

To think I had the courtesy to move things about in the fridge so that there'd be a completely empty shelf. I'm hardly one to expect that she should be at any kind of "disadvantage" for having only moved in 28 weeks into term, but this is taking the smeg.

And now, off back to Geometry and Motion. We'll see what happens, eh? I'm quite interested.

Incidentally, this amused me. "Yes... I've just been caught tossing off my secretary. But my duties are that important to me that I decided to give up the second home. It's my house that's been taking up too much of my time, certainly not doing the hokey cokey with Archie (heh heh, Red Dwarf gags, gotta love 'em).

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