April 09, 2006

The view from MY window

Just saw another blog entry with a picture of the view from their window. Just so I can annoy that person a bit more, I’ll show you the best campus window view ever:

You can just about see the lake, right? ;)

Thanks to the kind fellow who pointed out that you can use regular HTML in these blogs

April 07, 2006

Ohh yeah, I'm at university. I didn't forget. Honestly! ahem

I should probably update you all on my wonderful if boring life :)

I came back from t'weekend, to find that my dad is moving out AGAIN. I'm so fooked off right now, the atmosphere is awful and it's been like this for over a week now, thus I've got a slight excuse for not doing quite so much revision. I think. That's my excuse anyways, and I'm sticking by it.

While my dad was telling me, I got a text message from this girl that people were trying to set me up with last year. I got bored (night before Feeder – see previous entry – and I was in my room all alone without half my stuff) and so sent a message randomly to see what was happening with her etc., you see. Yeah, I'm a sad sad person! Naturally, I never got around to replying to her. Shame, but to worry, nothing would have come of it anyway I'm sure.

I also have job #1 lined up for the summer. Data inputter, baby! £840 for four weeks of retaining my sanity. You can't complain at £7 an hour, even if at times I literally wanted to commit suicide (turning emo, is it called?). It's inputting where every single mark was gained/lost in a year of pupils at various schools, i.e. I type in hunderds of thousands of 1s and 0s… If you've finished your exams, do the uni let you go home? I heard somewhere that they don't, which kinda annoys me because if they don't then I'll only be able to do a couple of weeks rather than all four.

I should start looking for job #2 in a little while too, I guess. Hrm.

My holiday has been practically ruined now. Grr. Not long before we're back. Not fair. I bet my dad moves out the day before we go back, knowing my luck.

Ahh well. I'll stop boring you now.

March 27, 2006


Me and offiically the most awesomest friend in t'world, Ian, went to see Feeder. Yeah, it was absolutely amazing, and the weekend at uni was surprisingly fun (we both have 39 week lets) since the place, and my kitchen, was deserted. I'll not forget Buck Rogers (et al) in a hurry, I tells yer!

To top it off, I've just had someone from MySpace message me to say that they recognised me! Haha, how awesome is that? I don't remember her at all, but she says she definitely recognises my face. Iannn… She said:

"hmm im still not sure, i recognise your face though!
i was wearing jeans and a green vest top, and a piano belt, has like piano keys all the way round, thats probably what would distinguish me from all the hundreds of other girls there. i was with a blonde guy. "

Do you remember anyone like that, in between the random 10 year olds and middle-aged men?

Ohh, and if you sat the second Probability B test, I'll know yer score :-p. Nah, I only looked at a few to see the general scores, and didn't look at the names (much). People either got 10/10 or less than 5/10, very few in between.

March 22, 2006

Ahh… Uhh… Bugger

One thing I can be proud of: 19 years, and not a filling. Why are people so afraid of the dentist? _. I must’ve been literally glowing when the dentist kept complimenting my brushing :-p.

I completed ICO the other day. I was ever-so-slightly underwhelmed, since no particular aspect of the game stood out bar the absolutely beautiful graphics (come on, it’s still an amazing game in its own right, but Prince of Persia: Sands of Time betters it in many ways). Still, it’s still one of the best PS2 games I’ve played to date. I bought Shadow of the Colossus which I haven’t started yet so I’ll get to it tomorrow methinks!

I can’t get Death Cab For Cutie – Crooked Teeth out of my head. It’s ridiculous, but great!

Anyways, that’s enough random babbling for one entry, I’ll leave you to it

March 14, 2006

No… NO… NOO! What the hell!?

I've been on holiday for three days now, yet I've read through most of my Relativity notes already? Wow what a far cry from Christmas when I didn't finish reading my Foundations/Analysis notes.

Go on, quiz me. I dares ya! I roolz da exam papers at the moment! They've given nine marks every single year for stating the Lorentz transformations and then using them to derive the formula or either length contraction or time dilation. I'm thinking I have NOTHING to worry about come April!

Sorry, I use this thing far too often for academic purposes. Uhh, something to say…

Victor was so pleased to see me – he's so cute. I got a wash of my face and everything (i.e. I let him lick my face, eww :p). I love our cats _.

March 09, 2006

Probability B Test

That test was so easy, no? The first test was an ever-so-slight stinker in some respects, but this one was just easy!

Having said that, neither of the people either side of me got the answer I got for E[X(X-1)], and others I asked say they can't remember what they got or that my answer doesn't ring a bell or something. I got 2(p/q)2 if anyone's interested. That is, G''(1).

Aww I've grown quite fond of most of our lecturers this term. I was kinda sad to see them go today, in the sense that I was delighted :-p

March 04, 2006

My word…

Pardon my French, but oh my fucking word am I glad to have got maths by computer done.

How can there be so much difference between (S*X)/X and (S*X)./X!? (Yes, that question was rhetorical, oh eager one who's about to click on the reply button). Thanks to a measly full stop, I spent an extra couple of hours on the assignment.

I've also realised that some people are just destined to not be arty. I decided that, for the first time, I'd go and suss out the practice rooms in the Arts Centre. Wow the people there were pretty darn good. Consequently, I felt it would just be humiliating if I started to play some random crap, so buggered off to do said Maths by Computer. I also did other arty stuff which doesn't really justify a mention in such an awesome blog (read: Can't be arsed to type it up).

One week left. Huzzah.

March 03, 2006

I've seen a few of these floating about…

…So I thought I'd try it for myself. After a tie-breaker (wooo…) I got what I wanted! I'd have thought English would've come higher, though, and what's with the theatre not being right at the bottom!?

One thing that strikes me though: Do they actually know anything about Pythagoras? I'm sure I read somewhere that he was paranoid that people would find out about the square root of two, and went to ridculous lengths to hide it. That's hardly rational behaviour to me!

You scored as Mathematics. You should be a Math major! Like Pythagoras, you are analytical, rational, and when are always ready to tackle the problem head-on!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

March 01, 2006

Pancake day!

So what have I given up for lent? Well, I never really participate in anything like that, but I think I’m gonna make an effort to stop eating chocolate all together. I don’t even like it, really! So what does Nikki, t’grand lass who I sat next to in the set of lectures this morning, ask almost as soon as I sit down? “Do you want an eclair?” >_< Well it’s not quite shoving a Caramel (mmm, caramels) under my nose, but perhaps this’ll end up as a mere futile effort…

February 26, 2006

Gaming bliss, amongst other things

Just lately I seem to have been in gaming bliss:

  • ICO's been re-released! I snapped that up, and subsequently can't wait to go home just so I can play it quite sad, but meh)
  • As far as I'm aware, Zelda: Twilight Princess hasn't been delayed again, so that should be getting a release very soon. Zelda must be one of THE best gaming series there has ever been!
  • Magazines such as GamesTM have been reviewing the lastest Square-Enix RPGs such as Kingdom Hearts II (and singing their praises), and Dragon Quest VIII is being released here soon, I think.
  • Games such as Black have been intriguing me… I may buy it just to see what the fuss is all about
  • I downloaded demos of Darwinia and Half Life 2 from Steam. The former seems like a pretty damned good game, even if it did bloody crash on me after about 20-or-so minutes

The work is piling up but I'm just about keeping ahead looks shiftily. Geometry and Motion is done and dusted, and is actually quite easy when you just think about it for a bit. I've had a good go at Analysis so I hope that'll get done soon enough. Linear Algebra... Looks quite interesting for once if very hard. Probability B... Ahem.

Two weeks to go! Yeah! Plenty of fun and maths awaits me, I can't wait. Even if I expect my parents to be incredibly annoying. They're the one bit i don't want in my holiday: They're absolute pains in the bloody arses for reasons I won't go into so pubically.

I realised earlier: I seem to blog about the most random crap, so it doesn't really give a good idea about me. Is anyone else finding that?

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