March 18, 2008

Liberal with the Criminal

Wow, so I last wrote in this here blog thing about 18 months ago. Phwoar. Where does the time go? I suddenly got old! I’m 21 and everything. It’s not fairrrr, I don’t wanna leave uni! I’m kinda enjoying myself at the moment, but shh don’t tell anyone!

Anyway, in keeping with the whole “random wheyyyy” nature of these here young blighters today, I’ll keep constructive blogging to a minimum.

Over the last couple of weeks of term I took two photos:

Spotted outside Café Library a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure he’d love the publicity, but I still deleted the phone number because, you know, thieves might steal a unicorn from him or something. Wheyyy.

On the Piazza, probably as you read. Now I know you’re trying to be clever and down with the kids, but that’s just a bare-faced lie fellers. If your bars really were open 24/7, I’d be pretty bloody scared right now.

October 04, 2006

First years beware

I’ve been picked to be a peer tutor for the Analysis I classes this year, so watch out for a Northerner (with a capital “N”) who’ll probably appear to be as clueless as you :)

I’m debating the Email that came through to us reading:

“We had so many requests that it was very difficult to make the choices. ... I’m sorry there were not more places available because everyone who applied is very well qualified to do the job”

however, since I didn’t put anything extra on the form (under “special motivations”) and only said I was available for a few of the times. Whether that means they’ll try to woo me into clashing with a core module lecture when I go to this meeting on friday is another matter.

It’s good to be back, isn’t it folks? Apart from being told to expect a 10% drop in your marks this year and being told that the second year is the hardest (etc.), you’ve just gotta love Warwick and it’s new intake of freshers.

The Cov buses are CRAP though. 40 bleedin’ minutes I was waiting for. Lucky I turned up to Combinatorics in L3 15 minutes late to find it had been cancelled, because no lecture theatre on campus will work properly. Official. I’ve paid £181 for that kinda service? Pah.

August 03, 2006

Jury Duty

I've been selected for jury duty :)

I've gotta defer it to a later date in the next 12 months since they've called me up for a week before the start of term (and they typically want you for two weeks), but you'd best hope you've not got a friend or relative at a Crown Court near me at some point soon or they're going down for LIFE!

cackles at the prospect of having so much power

July 29, 2006

Silly cats gah gah GAH!

On the basis that my mum decided to bog off for three days, leaving me home alone, I've had to perform all the tasks on her exceedingly large list of her to–do list. Now half of those things have been forgotton because she didn't write any of them down and I don't have a super–human memory. How much can there be anyway!?

One of the tasks that really does need doing though is giving Jaffa, our wuss–cat ginger tom who is scared of spiders, three tablets a day because he decided that he wanted to get bitten by something and not let us know until it got badly infected and let it remove half of one side of his neck and face :p

Yesterday he was fine but this morning I don't have a clue whether he had his 1.5 tablets or not. He decided that he wanted to be a git and wanted to struggle beyond belief. I don't even think my t–shirt endured the experience and I liked that t–shirt! It would have been easier but I can't just grab his face and neck because, well, that's what the tablets are for in the first place! The way he carried on I'm surprised he didn't bite his own tongue off…

That's it, I'm renaming that cat Cnut…

June 22, 2006

I know I'm only a weeny first year…

But I'm still pleased with my results :D. My tutor says it's a comfortable first, which I'm kinda surprised by but I'm not complaining!

It's at this point that everyone I know tells me that they got amazingly high ~95%–ish or something, but until I talk to anyone else, I'll be happy with that!

Good luck to everyone else who haven't got their results yet!

June 21, 2006


I was walking back from the Post Office this aft', and decided to walk down this footpath that takesyou staright to our house rather than walk by the roads. I started to regret it because it looked like the path hadn't been maintained in so bloody long so it was all overgrown and hard to walk through… But then I got to the bottom of the path and slowed down to a stand–still…

There was a guy, kneeling down in the middle of the very end of the path (just as it comes out onto our street), having a very good time if you catch my drift. And all I could do for about 10 seconds was watch until he noticed I was there and unable to get by him (well, unless I risked having an unwanted shower). I was so surprised I didn't even have a one–liner on hand, I just kinda walked past in utter disbelief.

The England match was alright yesterday, no? We need to get our heads around the concept of "DEFENCE" but the first half showed a bit of promise in my non–expetrish point of view. Or maybe it was the fact that my drinks seemed to come back to me alcoholic…? Not that I'm particularly complaining…

Anyways, results tomorrow. Greeeeat.

June 01, 2006

Something INTERESTING in our flat!?

You heard me, our flat is actually quite interesting for once! We started off with eight, but two got kicked out this term for being ERASMUS students (they can only stay on campus for two terms for some reason), we have two Chinese who seem to do the majority of kitcheney stuff between the hours of 1am and 8am, and one guy who is… Well, Guy. I'd start to take the piss but, well, it'll have probably dried up on his floor by now :p

We got a new person in yesterday! A second year Law student who sounds as if she had THE coolest off–campus house ever. The cleaners are NOT happy with her (as demonstrated by the raised voices yesterday)... She's been leaving notes left, right and centre saying things like "please keep quiet" and "dont switch the radiator on in the kitchen because it makes a noise in my room". Okay, fair enough, even if the former message won't stop me from screaming down the corridor (which does seem to happen quite a bit nowadays, but that's a different story), but she's going a bit far now.

She's beginning to annoy me. What makes her think that she can practically boss us around? We've lived here some 27 weeks, she's been here ONE DAY. Yesterday I found that she'd moved what I had in the freezer and rammed it in somewhere else. It was replaced by ONE PIZZA. One. Bloody. Pizza. So I thought "bugger off," moved it to one side and put my stuff back next to it. Oh no, that's not happening. This morning I had a look to find that it had been rammed back in the same place! What's all that about!? I find it amusing that, for example, my cottage pie had been replaced by… Her cottage pie.

To think I had the courtesy to move things about in the fridge so that there'd be a completely empty shelf. I'm hardly one to expect that she should be at any kind of "disadvantage" for having only moved in 28 weeks into term, but this is taking the smeg.

And now, off back to Geometry and Motion. We'll see what happens, eh? I'm quite interested.

Incidentally, this amused me. "Yes... I've just been caught tossing off my secretary. But my duties are that important to me that I decided to give up the second home. It's my house that's been taking up too much of my time, certainly not doing the hokey cokey with Archie (heh heh, Red Dwarf gags, gotta love 'em).

May 07, 2006

Suppose f:[a,b]–>R is continuous with f(a) less than f(b)...

Fooled you! This has no relevance to the Intermediate Value Theorem what–so–ever :–p

Why is it that, when it comes to revision time, everyone suddenly wants to know you…? Having the Matrix trilogy on ITV, having weather good enough for games of football, having people wanting to go on trips to places and having arguably the most annoying (but great) friend in the next flat doesn't get hours upon hours of revision a day done.

…And neither does writing in this blog, so I shall return to finish reading the last few pages of the Linear Algebra lecture notes now. Ciao!

May 01, 2006

Hrm, a life of revision for me

I don’t really have much to say, other than: Hooray. The work I’ve revised isn’t nearly as hard as I remember it, and dare I say, Analysis II doesn’t look bad at all thus far.

This weekend has been arguably THE most boring one I’ve ever had on campus, literally everyone has gone home it seems, and still haven’t returned because people will have virtually empty timetables this term. Why are people going home at the end of week two anyways? Grr, so as a result, I don’t have anyone to BAA out of the window with for the time being.

Ohh yeah, that’s reminded me. If you were by Lakeside and heard someone BAAing loudly out of the window, that wasn’t the guy stood at the window looking bemused. It was my pal who decided that he wanted to make me look like an arse by BAAing and then ducking quickly.

April 24, 2006

Tee hee!

Aww bless her heart! Uni Mum (aka Saijai my domestic assistant) is back from Thailand! First of all she wanted a hug, which was quite hilarious because she literally comes up to my stomach area. But then she gave me this little wristband bracelety thingy-ma-bob. (“Wristband Bracelety thingy-ma-bob” is a name trademarked by John in 2006, All Rights Reserved. So hands off yer name-thieving bastards). So nice of her, eh? I officially have the best domestic assistant ever!

Today, I went to see my tutor to confirm that I can leave a week early to take on this job I have for the entire duration. It’s £400, so hell I’d rather be earning than sat around doing bugger-all for my last week here. It turns out that I can, he’ll just Email my exam results for me. Derek Holt’s a grand feller, and a damned fine lecturer! Enough sucking up…

Walking back was quite fun, if knackering because I had to keep up with my chum who was wearing rollerblades. He tried to get the speedo on the road adjacent to the maths building to get him going over 20mph (what does the law say with regards to speeding by using rollerblades?), but it didn’t register him. As such, he just got many people to laugh out loud at him :D.

Ohh, one last thing. I got a copy of TrackMania Nations, a game which I’ve really wanted to play because it featured in some gaming world cup thing (I forget the precise details). Nice little game, actually! And I’m finally getting reasonably good at CounterStrike, even if it’s taken a ridiculously long time to be able to instinctively shoot the enemy and to leave my team in tact…

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