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June 27, 2013

Office for iPhone

I subscribed to Office 365 as the cost seemed reasonable to maintain Office on 5 computers and included Outlook. When I heard that it was now available for iPhone I downloaded the app to see if it would be much use, which I doubted given the small viewing area. It was worse than I expected. I downloaded a Word template from the cloud and opened it in the iPhone Word editor. All I can see at once corresponds to one corner of the document at quite a large size. This viewport can be scrolled around but that is awkward while typing with a large part of the screen occupied by the virtual keyboard.

I was surprised to find that I cannot zoom in or out for a better view. Changing font size is possible whilst editing but I cannot tell what size I will get when viewed on a desktop PC.


compared with the full document as seen by a web browser in the cloud


Of course, this is version 1.0 so one can hope for improvements...

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