July 03, 2009

Back to Africa

Follow-up to Spotted game (September 14th, Hanyini Research Station, Caprivi) from Snap!

I am putting the final touches to preparations for a 3 week trip to Africa. To the same area as last year, the Mamili swamp in the Caprivi strip and on the same scientific study of human-predator conflict.

Again the jumping off point for the expedition is Livingstone in Zambia and I'll stay a few extra days in the area to do a bit of tourism in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Apparently there is a railway museum in Livingstone and a steam train ride which goes as far as the Zambezi bridge from the Zambian side.

At the moment I am working through my checklist of things which need doing. I heard yesterday that a medical kit from Nomad Travel is on its way. Although the camp has medical equipment and can treat even minor wounds, we are all asked to bring dressings, needles and some antibiotics which I'll leave behind. All my jabs were up to date including rabies so I didn't have to worry about any of those and I have bought my Lariam anti-malarials.

I am trying to take only equipment using one size of battery, AA, as last time I had a mixture and that meant carrying more. I'll take a mixture of rechargeables and Energizer Ultimate Lithium cells (my GPS runs better on these), and my 12 watt solar panel. Last time I only took the adapter for the solar panel for my own mobile phone, but other people wanted theirs charging too, so I'll take a set of tips this time.

There are still mundane things to do like booking a bus to Heathrow. It is an evening departure to Jo'burg so I'll book the bus and decide at the last minute based on traffic reports whether to take the bus or go by train.

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  1. Amrita

    Hi !

    “human-predator conflict” – sounds interesting and also scary.
    After your trip please add a post related to the scientific study of human-predator conflict.
    I am really interested in knowing more about it.

    With Regards

    04 Aug 2009, 13:30

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