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April 04, 2009

Don't bother

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One thing mystifies me about the recently announced cutbacks in the letter from the VC. Merit pay awards and professorial increases have been cancelled – it's money that hasn't yet been spent so gives an immediate boost to the total, a bit like a big donation at the start of red nose day.

I can understand cancelling the professorial salary review as professors are expensive and now that RAE is over, if they don't like it we don't mind if they go somewhere else and they can be replaced by cheaper staff.

But merit pay awards recognise staff putting in an extra effort for their department and the University. I know a third of a point may be peanuts (almost literally as it will just about get you a bag of peanuts a week) but it shows that your efforts are appreciated. Cancelling merit pay has sent a clear message to Warwick staff:-

  Don't bother putting in any extra effort, it won't be appreciated.

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