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September 12, 2008

Gates & Seinfeld: Together at last again

Follow-up to Gates & Seinfeld: Together at last! from Autology: John Dale's blog

It’s not really about anything, nor is it overtly trying to sell anything. I can’t decide whether it’s brilliantly clever or pointlessly stupid.

September 05, 2008

Gates & Seinfeld: Together at last!

Writing about web page

June 25, 2008

Aggressive parking

Writing about web page

Now I see the advantage of SUVs in the supermarket car park.

Car parking

May 16, 2008

Font haikus

Writing about web page

Love these font haikus. They’re all good, but if I had to pick a favourite or two, it’d be:-

Arial, the clone
But not of helvetica.
Grotesque is its sire.


Trebuchet MS,
Web designers sick of want
use you, but still weep.

Gallardo trailer

Writing about web page

Who buys a Lamborghini Gallardo and then hitches a trailer up to it?

 Lamborghini Gallardo with trailer

Although, that said, if you really are going to haul a trailer around, matching the alloys of the Gallardo and having a matching paint job on the bike, is pretty cool.

May 08, 2008

Most annoyed cat ever

Writing about web page

By some margin, the world’s most annoyed cat:-

April 18, 2008

High security area

Ungrammatical signage

Good to know.

January 31, 2008

Mario madness

Writing about web page

This Mario game clone is remarkable for its breath-taking, capricious unfairness. Watch in awe as over the course of seven painful minutes, the player dies time and time and time again through completely unguessable, hilarious obstacles. Awesome.

December 11, 2007

Worst trademarks ever

Writing about web page

I love this: trademarking ordinary words in common use is difficult, so companies make new words for their trademarks by combining two existing words. So far, so reasonable, except that they often aren’t very good at it:-

Collaboneering – what you do if you’re an engineer who collaborates, presumably.

Blingkini – a bikini with gaudy, tasteless bits of metal glued to it.

And many more.

October 18, 2007


Writing about web page

October 12, 2007

Darth Vader being a jerk

Writing about web page

July 19, 2007

Best eBay deal ever

Writing about web page

From the BBC news web site:-

Police are trying to trace the owner of £44,000 mistakenly sent to a 16-year-old boy who bought a Playstation Two for £95 on eBay.

Hilariously, the BBC report, straight-faced, that the package arrived with the PS2, but “minus two games”. You’d think that forty grand in crisp blue notes would pretty much make up for that, but sadly for the boy, the police are holding on to the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act. However, if the money remains unclaimed and/or unproven to be the proceeds of a crime, then the boy and his family may be allowed to keep it. Bargain! (But also, lamest, most incompetent criminals ever. I like to think that it went like this:

Quick! The coppers are closing in – they’ll be here any second now. We’ve got to dump the loot, right now. What should we do?

Don’t panic; I’ve got a plan. You know that PS2 I was getting rid of? If I can just get to the Post Office before they nick us…

July 05, 2007

An advert for…

See how long before the end you can guess what this is a commercial for.

July 01, 2007

Dr Who, Lolcats, SlashFic: Together at last!

Writing about web page

If you watched the penultimate episode of Dr Who last week, and all the words in the title of this entry mean something to you, then you’ll probably like this. If not, then there’s every chance it’ll seem tasteless, humourless and inexplicable.

June 22, 2007

Rejected Wii Play games

Writing about web page

June 21, 2007

Mirosoft Surface: The truth

Writing about web page

May 11, 2007

The tortoise and the… camera

Writing about web page

The tortoise and the cameraBrowsing the New York Times this morning, I noticed this image in the sidebar of the article I was reading. Based on the image, what do you think the article was about?

  • The photographic memory of the tortoise?
  • Cameras which work by actually sucking their subjects inside their body?
  • Animal-technology hybridization (the bionic turtle, if you will)?
  • Deadly camera-destroying amphibians which like to chew their way through consumer electronics?

Disappointingly, it’s none of the above; it’s shutter lag in digital cameras. It makes sense once you know, and on the page itself, it’s a whimsical but not absurd illustration of the topic. But it’s an amusing example of the icon problem; most modern interfaces use icons to represent actions and objects. So the home icon in your web browser means “Go to your home page”, and the left arrow icon means “Go back to the previous page”. But how do you know what an icon means?

  • Sometimes the implication of the icon is so obvious that even if you’ve never seen this icon used before you can guess what it will do.
  • Some icons are universally used to mean something, so even though the icon doesn’t imply its meaning in isolation, you learn its meaning once and can then re-use your knowledge everywhere else. The cut/copy/paste icons are like this; they aren’t intuitive, but since every application which supports CCP (which is almost all applications) uses them, you end up knowing what they stand for even though they don’t visually represent themselves clearly.

The problem is that most icons aren’t like this. Most actions aren’t easy to convey with a single static image. Most applications have a bunch of actions and objects which are specific to that application, and therefore the designer can’t rely on users having seen and learned the iconography elsewhere. Example: how many of these icons (from PowerPoint) can you confidently predict the meaning of?

PowerPoint icons

February 21, 2007

When Bjork met P Diddy

Writing about web page

The highly plausible story of what happened when P Diddy called Bjork on the phone: Part 1, Part 2. Still wiping up the spilt water from laughing too much.

February 06, 2007

Kodak go digital

Writing about web page

And when I say “digital”, I mean “insane”. But in a good way. Kind of.

Cancel or allow?

Windows Vista includes User Account controls which purport to warn the user whenever anything happens which could theoretically be dangerous. This feature has been widely reported as being, shall we say, over-zealous, to the point where many users are likely to switch it off because it’s too intrusive. But then, how would you be warned if bad things really were happening? Apple have gleefully seized on this dilemma and made a new one of their Get a Mac adverts about it:-

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