April 19, 2005

Who posts the most?

One of the stats that we can get out of WB quite easily is a per-person post count. I've never needed it before today, but there was something I wanted to check, so I asked for a report. I find myself astonished by the results. If you can bear the suspense, try looking away from the screen now, before you see the list, and ask yourself who you think you'll see up near the top. Done? Now look back, and see whether you were right. I was nowhere near.

Disclaimers: some people contribute to more than one blog – a work one and a personal one, say – and so what you're seeing here is the total of their posts to both/all of those blogs. And some people write web forms which create blog entries, and in the process of testing their forms, they create dozens of entries, thus appearing high in the rankings for posts which are actually machine-generated.

(If anyone objects to their post count being published, by the way, leave a comment and I can easily remove you from this list.)

  • 430 Robert O'Toole
  • 325 Steve Rumsby
  • 307 Wen Gao
  • 302 Kieran Shaw
  • 260 Mathew Mannion
  • 249 Helen Ryan
  • 223 Charles Bourne
  • 221 Samuel Boulby
  • 218 Adam Taylor
  • 215 John Dale
  • 211 Chris May
  • 196 Michael Arthur
  • 191 Hongfeng Sun
  • 191 Casey Leaver
  • 187 Steven Carpenter
  • 184 She Bevan
  • 182 Hirokazu Itagaki
  • 181 Daniel Lawrence
  • 168 Tom Abbott
  • 166 Christopher Carter
  • 165 Chelon Yau
  • 162 Jill Atkinson
  • 160 Wing-Sum Wong
  • 155 Simon Brent
  • 152 Sophia Parveen
  • 147 Shalinee Singh
  • 145 Richard Winskill
  • 141 Matthew Rogers
  • 139 Christopher Hinds
  • 135 Jessica Booth
  • 130 Lisa Cooper
  • 129 Jonathan Stevens
  • 128 Yo Irie
  • 128 Luke Blackwell
  • 127 Nicholas Wake
  • 127 Max Hammond
  • 124 Holly Cruise
  • 123 Stuart Coles
  • 122 James Hughes
  • 115 Claire Bowden
  • 114 Peng Zou
  • 111 Eimear Ballard
  • 109 Andrew Ingram
  • 109 D Ambrose
  • 109 Gil Reichenstein
  • 106 Timothy Retout
  • 103 Alison Cronick
  • 100 Nathan Millward
  • 94 Hannah Jamieson

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  1. Only 128 entries? Bit disappointing really. :(

    There's a lot of names I'm recognising, some who I expected to be higher, and still a few who I've never heard of. Somehow I had a feeling that Rob O'Toole would be top though…

    19 Apr 2005, 17:41

  2. I think I should possibly cut back :s
    nice stats, very interesting

    19 Apr 2005, 18:06

  3. If we go for number of quality posts, i'm the clear winner.

    19 Apr 2005, 19:00

  4. Like these?

    19 Apr 2005, 19:08

  5. out of curiosity do you have any record of who's made the most comments?

    19 Apr 2005, 19:15

  6. I'm suprised I made the list at all!

    19 Apr 2005, 19:58

  7. Me too. In fact I'm shocked I've done that many.

    Actually I'm not shocked I've done that many (old blog and all), I'm shocked that I come so close to the top.

    Funny to see Chris Carter on here what with all the hoohah and that. Only 165 not very offensive entries.

    Stats are far too fascinating to be healthy.

    19 Apr 2005, 20:52

  8. Woohoo!!! I'm famous. Or at least flooding the place with random gibbel. Has it really been nearly 200 posts?

    19 Apr 2005, 22:12

  9. Robert O'Toole

    You can discount my total, as i'm the one who has several work blogs. That added to some 'test' entries. I was also one of the first people to start blogging, well before it was officially released.

    20 Apr 2005, 16:46

  10. Robert O'Toole

    Although all my recent personal entries have been made under my PhD student account, so won't be listed.

    20 Apr 2005, 16:46

  11. Steve Rumsby

    You can discount my total…

    No, please don't. That would make me the busiest blogger, and I'm not sure I'm ready for such status:-)

    20 Apr 2005, 17:25

  12. I find myself astonished by the results.


    22 Apr 2005, 14:17

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