November 21, 2007

Top ten tools for learning

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Now this is interesting: a survey from September 2007 asking 100 or so people working in e-learning to nominate their favourite (IT) tools for learning. What kinds of programs or applications do you think would make the cut? Here’s the top ten:-

  • 1 Firefox
  • 2
  • 3= Skype / Google Search
  • 5 PowerPoint
  • 6 WordPress
  • 7= Gmail / Google Reader
  • 9 Blogger
  • 10 Word

Further down the list, we see more specialised tools such as Audacity and Captivate, and other collaboration tools such as Google Docs and Wikispaces. Almost all the social software sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc. appear, and almost all flavours of productivity software are represented somewhere in the list. Interestingly, Blackboard, which is e-learning and nothing but, didn’t even make the top hundred. Hell, Subversion got more votes than Blackboard! Tools to make stuff and to share stuff are clearly today’s e-learning apps of choice.

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  1. powerpoint at number 5 – ugh

    21 Nov 2007, 17:25

  2. BrownMark

    PowerPoint at No.5 ?

    22 Nov 2007, 06:49

  3. Robert O'Toole

    Out of the top 22, 16 are ‘free’ tools. Two others, Word and Powerpoint, are default installations for almost every PC.

    I would guess that the remaining 2 in the top 22 are the kind of apps that usually require some effort, as well as some money, to acquire and install. They are: Adobe Captivate and MindJet Mindmanager. The latter does well in beating several other free concept mapping tools.

    Most impressive is the huge number of tools now available and in use, mostly for free. That’s a challenge to anyone with the task of educating people about technology for teaching and learning.

    26 Nov 2007, 15:42

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