November 30, 2006

Textarea resizer

One of the things that irks me when I write a blog entry is that the textarea in which you type your entry is kind of small if you have a large monitor. And I do, so for me, there’s lots of white space to the right of the text box and the formatting codes, and yet I’m stuck there typing into a relatively small box.

I keep meaning to ask Mat or Kieran if they can put in a fix to make the text area resizeable, but they’re busy people with lots of other things to do, so I was pleased to come across two neat ways to solve this:

  • The first is a bookmarklet which works in most browsers – IE, Firefox Safari, Opera, etc. You put it on your toolbar and then when you want to make a text area bigger, you click the bookmarklet, then move your mouse over the bottom righthand corner of the text area in question, whereupon the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow and you can then drag the text area out to be as wide and deep as you like.
  • The second is a Firefox extension which is even nicer, since you don’t have to click anything to make it work; all text areas just become magically resizeable. But it is of course Firefox only, so if your taste in browsers takes you elsewhere then you’re out of luck (and sense) (just kidding) (not really).

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  1. Not that IE7 is particularly desirable for many people, but it does do a good job (at least on Vista, not sure about XP) of resizing all the content on the page, not just text. Given how the images don’t looked pixellated even at 200% I guess it’s doing some sort of filtering, but it does work pretty well. Of course it doesn’t overcome the problem that the text inside the box gets increased in size too, so while it’s all easier to read and wastes less space, the amount of characters per line doesn’t actually increase.


    30 Nov 2006, 13:52

  2. Nick Howes

    Curse these table layouts.

    30 Nov 2006, 15:28

  3. annoying as I would find this myself – as I don’t have permission to comment on the hot or not entry, I shall write my femal findings here. If i rate women I find that I am clearly human. If I try to rate men I fail.

    22 Aug 2007, 17:14

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