March 24, 2006

Students' shameless emails

Follow-up to About email from Autology: John Dale's blog

Following on from my recent entry about email I was amused at yet another attempt by the THES to generate a shocking headline from a not-especially-shocking story: the headline reads:-

Shameless students put tutors in e-mail hell

and the article asserts that students:-

… bombard lecturers with e-mail messages at all hours of the day to make banal or impertinent queries in a manner that ranges from the overly familiar to the downright rude.

Now I'm sure that this happens. But is it a widespread problem? Is it, as the article clearly wishes us to conclude, ubiquitous? Further down the article, we're told that the examples quoted emerge from:-

an informal Times Higher survey of UK academics – who were only too pleased to divulge their experiences.

Strangely, the article declines to mention the survey size, the number of respondents who didn't suffer these sorts of problems, or how the respondents were chosen. Sometimes I think the THES aspires to be the Daily Mail of Higher Education: SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS OUTRAGE!

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  1. Harry the Lecturer

    Well it happens to me. Impertinent emails I can cope with. Threatening phone messages to my home from a student (picked up by my wife) were less welcome. I complained to the University, but nothing was done.

    The student concerned graduated.

    I got emails too. Just as an example:

    I kid you not.

    25 Mar 2006, 16:09

  2. naz

    I've been unahppy with the mark on a few occasions, but never thought of setting my brother on anyone. But to be fare, the mark was due to my own igornance.

    03 Apr 2006, 12:16

  3. Instructor

    As a college instructor, I have received MANY inappropriate e-mails from students, mostly of the you MUST do X for me or too much information variety… I’ve had students demand that I FAX them notes; that I run a lab they have missed just for them; tell me in detail about why they can’t possibly come to class because they are on new medications, etc. etc.

    25 Feb 2007, 04:15

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