November 27, 2007


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Podcasting in universities is going mainstream, it would seem. Berkeley are leading an initiative called OpenCast

A community centered around open, scalable, and sustainable podcast/webcast solutions and best practices for higher education.

What this actually entails seems to be that Berkeley are developing podcasting software, or at least trying to find ways to glue together existing systems such as Apple’s Podcast Producer and e-learning frameworks such as Sakai. However they also note that they don’t intend to end up with a system which has dependencies on Sakia, and so whatever they make should therefore be capable of being integrated with other VLEs and systems.

There are lots of US universities listed as being partner institutions, but only three UK ones: Oxford and Cambridge, unsurprisingly, and more interestingly, Leeds Met. I wonder whether this is something we’d be interested in joining (though it’s not absolutely clear what “joining” entails or entitles you to) or whether our own work with Wowza/FMS as a back end and SiteBuilder as a delivery platform is sufficiently advanced that we wouldn’t be able to take meaningful advantage of OpenCast anyway.

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  1. interesting – Leeds Met as far as I know are doing some work with Apple on podcasting and so this might explain their involvement. Considering the list of Uni’s I wonder what Apple’s hand in this is?

    I don’t think there is any harm in being involved in this and indeed our experience of integrating podcasts into SB might actually be attractive as a case study for members. Even if we can’t take advantage of the finished product I am sure our experience would count for something and rubbing shoulders with the list would provide lots of interesting insight and ideas for future development. I think there is a case for stepping out from our little enclave in this instance.

    27 Nov 2007, 10:55

  2. John Dale

    Leave it with you, then, Tom. :-)

    27 Nov 2007, 11:21

  3. ha ha! nice one…

    Seriously though, i’ll sign up for the email thingy and see what’s interesting…

    27 Nov 2007, 12:40

  4. Amusingly the first email from the openCast community was Spam

    Oh well…

    28 Nov 2007, 17:11

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